Welcome Gift Ideas for Your Airbnb Guests

A basket of treats with a customized inscription particularly for your guests says “welcome home” better than anything else. For that reason, we developed these eight presents for your Airbnb guests.

It’s time to celebrate now that your listing has been finally rented! In the hospitality sector, expressing gratitude to customers for their support and investment in your services is a kind and occasionally required courtesy.

With thoughtful gifts like these products chosen specifically for them, you may celebrate with your guests and welcome them to your Airbnb.

1. Baked Goods

Baked sweets are an affordable and delectable way to say “thank you” to your guests if you’re on a tight budget. You can create them yourself, of course, but who has the time? To be prepared for any guests, have packs pre-ordered.  

A sweet surprise is waiting for them on the counter as soon as guests enter the property and take in the beauty of your skillfully created aesthetic. They can either split it with the rest of their group or keep it entirely to themselves.

2. Fresh Produce from the Farmer’s Market

Why not offer guests some of the delicious produce from your neighborhood farmer’s market? Giving your guests a taste of what the area has to offer is a respectful and inclusive approach to welcome them into your neighborhood and home as a local host with a wealth of knowledge about the city and the greatest sites in town.

You might even give them a recipe card so they may prepare a delicious dinner or dessert on their own. Just make sure the kitchen is stocked with all the necessary cooking or baking supplies for their convenience.

3. Movie Night Basket

Own a fantastic space? a comfy sofa? Give the guests a DVD of your preferred film along with a basket of snacks, drinks, and popcorn. All you need is a variety of drinks, a combination of salty and sweet foods, and of course, buttery popcorn.

Guests won’t give the presentation a second thought if you arrange the products in a basket, divide them out into goodie bags, or simply set them up on the counter. They’ll be preoccupied with reflecting on how considerate you are. For those with a more sophisticated palate, however, a bottle of wine, some chocolates, and some crackers or nuts go a long way for those seeking to unwind in a tranquil haven.

4. A Flower Bouquet for the Table

Flowers are a universal symbol of gratitude, appreciation, and respect. On your way home from work, you may pick them up, deliver them, arrange them in a lovely vase, and you’re ready to go.

You can write a note on a decorative chalkboard for a more customized touch, then reuse it when your subsequent guests arrive. Flowers provide beauty, color, and fragrance to the space and can remind guests of your thoughtfulness and best wishes for a pleasant stay for a long time.

5. Toiletries

When you most need it, nothing screams love like a ream of toilet paper. Stocking up on home goods conveys consideration to guests as well as to your space and the necessities it requires to function properly.

People might forget items like soaps, makeup removal wipes, sponges, tissues, and feminine hygiene products in the rush of moving in and out, but you’ll have it ready and waiting for them. Although the effort to supply these things may be minimal, the gesture is significant.

6. Gift Cards to Local Shops

Collaborate with nearby businesses, cafes, and restaurants. This allows guests to enjoy your neighborhood while simultaneously growing your network of business contacts. Include one in your welcome booklet along with a guide of the area’s must-visit restaurants. Long-term stays benefit particularly well from this. You can learn more about intentions of guests and potential requirements by speaking with them before they arrive. Don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild when choosing a useful gift for their unique stay. 

7. Goodie Bags

The goodie bag is yet another affordable and traditional present. All you need to make a few dozen gifts is a bag of sweets and some little gift bags, which is quick and simple. You can always put together swag bags filled with entertaining and practical goods like sticky notes, pop sockets, reusable straws, earplugs, sunglasses, and eye masks to dress it up a little. There are countless ways to use goodie bags.

Candy lasts a while and can be changed according to the season. This is a fantastic present for Airbnb locations that frequently draw families with young children.

8. Outdoor Adventure Gifts

Consider the neighborhood and the amenities provided by your rental. What experiences are available for your guests to select from? Give them small presents to make their outdoor trips more enjoyable.

If there are numerous mountains and hiking paths, put together a bug repellant, water, and snacks. They can be supported by a small rucksack with a map of the best surrounding trails or a counter.

Create a beach basket with sunscreen, a book, and a stylish water bottle if you live close to the coast.

An inflatable float or other small pool toys are amusing presents that guests staying at Airbnbs with pools can use to enjoy the sunshine and cherish the memories.

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