8 Types of Vacation Rental Guests and How to Appeal to Them

With the right promotion, even the most amazing-sounding holiday properties can succeed. When compared to the property in a vibrant downtown area and next to an expo center, which could attract more business by appealing to large business groups, the quaint cottage with the beautiful views might make the ideal location for a digital nomad to work from.   You need to be completely aware of what the clients want if you want to build a foundation of devoted patrons that frequent your establishment and promote you to others. And doing so entails developing an understanding of the tastes and customs of various types of guests.

Why is it crucial to categorize the various types of guests to your holiday rental?

You might enhance the guest experience, increase bookings, and streamline your operations by creating an ideal guest profile or a few perfect sorts of guests for your vacation rental.

Targeted marketing opportunities

Even directing your listing descriptions toward a certain demographic might help your home stand out in a market that is becoming more and more crowded. Have access to a nearby coworking space and a workstation with a pleasant view, for instance? You’ll attract more digital nomads if you mention that in your description and confirm your WiFi speed. You could then develop your SEO strategy and write a blog post for your direct booking site about the “10 best cafes for remote work in X location” after having a grasp of that type of guest’s wants and interests.

Streamlined processes for improved guest experience 

Understanding various demographics, meanwhile, enables you to modify your internal procedures so you can respond to customer expectations more quickly.  For instance, if you know the guest is a digital nomad, your staff will include freshly ground, locally sourced coffee in the welcome basket. As an alternative, your processes are designed to reach out and offer your local partner’s babysitting service to a young family that is visiting.

8 Types of Vacation Rental Guests

1. Couples

Your vacation rental, whether it’s a beachfront villa or a quaint cottage, may make for an ideal setting for honeymoons, anniversaries, and romantic getaways. Additionally, unlike small families, this type of guest frequently seeks out luxurious activities, creating numerous opportunities for upselling.  

2. Business travelers

If you meet their expectations, business travelers who locate a terrific location close to their main office or event venue will come again. You are therefore more likely to receive repeat bookings if you draw in this audience. Furthermore, they’re likely to suggest you to their coworkers as well.

3. Digital nomads

Another industry that is increasing quickly is that of digital nomads. Drawing them in also means you’ll obtain long-term reservations, which are wonderful for occupancy but also operationally much simpler to manage. They look to stay at places for weeks or months while working.

4. Solo travelers and eco-friendly explorers

Over 81% of people would want to stay in sustainable accommodations, according to a report from Booking.com, while 29% of people are considering traveling alone in 2023, according to research from Skyscanner. By focusing on these groups—which frequently overlap—you might set your visitor experience apart from that of your regional rivals.

5. Last-minute bookers

Although last-minute reservations are a terrific method to fill up gaps in your booking schedule, some short-term rentals find it difficult to accept them. You will have a competitive edge if you have the facilities needed to accommodate this kind of guest. 

6. Travelers with disabilities

The need of assisting guests with impairments is becoming more and more apparent in the vacation rental sector. By serving this demographic, you may enhance your brand and promote repeat business.

7. Young families

Families with young children frequently return to their preferred short-term rental locations year after year because they like simple travel. You may create a devoted consumer base by being aware of what they need.

8. Large groups

It can be quite profitable to target groups of people who are traveling for occasions like sports tournaments, bachelor parties, or family or school reunions. And by making sure they enjoy their stay; you can obtain hundreds of positive recommendations from a single visit.

Scaling by targeting vacation rental guest types

You may increase occupancy, receive better ratings, and acquire more repeat customers by focusing on a certain demographic of vacation rental guests.  To do this, you must have a thorough understanding of guest profiles. You won’t have to spend your time-wasting hours coming up with services that no one will use or trying out ineffective marketing techniques. Instead, automated messaging and customized content can help you optimize processes, offer services that guests adore, and build relationships with them.

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