Top Seven Features Guests Look for in Vacation Rentals

Have you ever wanted to know what prospective guests would look for in a vacation rental? Good news: the answer is available. Based on information from millions of website visits and reservations, we now know which amenities guests prefer and most frequently search for. Here are the most in-demand amenities for vacation homes that you may buy to sell for more money and attract more guests.

1. Pool

Pools are a popular attraction on rental homes, despite not being as practical as the other amenities on this list. Their appeal and worth cannot be discounted. Offering a pool can help you stand out in searches and increase bookings, whether it’s a private pool or shared pool access in your condo community.

And pools are in high demand everywhere—not just in sunny coastal places. A quarter of visitors in these markets filter their vacation rental searches for pools.

2. Pet-friendliness

Travelers want to bring their fur babies along for the trip, whether they’re staying at a mountain chalet or a condo by the shore. Reservations with at least one dog were made in about 13% of all bookings. That’s fantastic news for people who allow pets in their holiday rentals.

Want to give pet owners an even better experience in your home? Give their animal buddies the extras they’ll adore. Consider dog beds, waste bags, water dishes, and chew toys.

3. Hot tub

Guest demand for hot tubs is high. They don’t require as much of an investment or as much space as a pool (they can be hidden on a back porch or small backyard), but they can still provide enormous returns. Adding a hot tub can increase your annual revenue by 15% to 20%. 

4. Internet/WIFI

We’re all accustomed to using our social media accounts, email, video, messaging, and other communication technologies to stay in touch these days. WIFI is one of the amenities that customers most frequently look for because of this. 

The most important requirement for any vacation rental is probably WIFI. Unless visitors deliberately choose to disconnect from technology or go on a digital detox, they should anticipate quick and free WIFI upon arrival.

5. Central AC

The desire of guests to be cool and comfortable is another. Since the summer is the busiest time of year in most places, visitors will want some assurance that they can escape the heat outside.

While you can spend money on more affordable cooling options, like strong ceiling fans or window air conditioners, most visitors prefer central air conditioning.

6. Dryer and washer

A washer and dryer are now typically thought of as normal when renting a holiday home, one of the features that set it apart from a hotel stay. The same accidents that occur at home might also occur when you’re on vacation—red wine spills on your shirt, beach towels get soiled while you’re out exploring—and so on.

The likelihood that guests may want to wash garments increases with the length of their stay. For those who are traveling with children, the situation may grow messier. For visitors who want to avoid lugging around dirty laundry, a washer and dryer are essential. Not to mention that housekeepers can easily toss in linens and towels while they clean the rest of the house, which is an added benefit.

7. Fireplace

Mountain locations with cooler weather are particularly in demand for fireplaces. Who can blame those visitors, though? Without a roaring fireplace to curl up by after a long day on the slopes, a ski trip wouldn’t be the same. Some visitors think that spending time by the fire is a crucial component of the entire mountain experience. The cost of installing a fireplace may be justified depending on where you live.

If purchasing a new wood-burning fireplace is out of the question, look into a less expensive electric fireplace that can still provide heat.

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