Welcome Pack for Vacation Rentals: Tips for the Best Guest Experience

You must differentiate yourself from the competition as a vacation rental owner (especially given the recent expansion of the market) if you want to attract bookings. It’s harder to amaze guests now because the bar has been raised and their expectations are high.

You might own a spotless home, an excellent location, and all the facilities a traveler could need. However, if you don’t have that unexpected “extra,” you run the chance of missing out on bookings. Even worse, they’ll book with one of your competitors.

Your vacation rental’s success relies on attention to detail. They are what distinguish one holiday rental from the others. Otherwise, aren’t all accommodations for a holiday essentially simply a bed and four walls? What else is enclosed by four walls and has a bed? How then can you give your visitors a sense of home in your vacation rental home? What can you do to distinguish yourself from the competition, attract those reservations, and encourage returning business from clients? Going further is the solution.

By sending your visitors a unique welcome package, you’re not only giving them something special they’ll appreciate, but you’re also making a wonderful first impression, which can result in excellent reviews and referrals.

What therefore makes the ideal welcome package for a holiday rental? Of course, everything relies on how much time and money you want to spend on it. However, we think that the ideal welcome gift, no matter how big or small, has both useful and sentimental components. In other words, a combination of the necessities and a unique item that only you can locate.

Let’s look at the greatest things you can put in your upcoming welcome kit for a vacation rental.

How to Make the Most of Guest Welcome Packs to Generate Bookings

A welcome gift can not only delight your regular visitors but also persuade other potential guests to reserve your vacation rental property. Travelers frequently depend heavily on evaluations from other travelers when making reservations for holiday rental homes. Your ratings will rise if you take the effort to provide little, complimentary items in your welcome package for vacation rentals.

Guests get the impression that you care about their comfort and go above and beyond to make sure they enjoy their trip. These modest acts will be mentioned in their reviews, which will encourage more clients to make reservations with you.

The welcome basket for your vacation rental should also be mentioned in the property’s description and pictures. Potential clients will be able to compare how well-treated they might be if they stay at your establishment to that of your rivals. Therefore, for the greatest results, once you have a welcome package included, don’t forget to add it to the list of amenities you provide and put it in your photo gallery.

What will be in the welcome package for your vacation rental?

Travel Necessities

The most important and reasonably priced items you’ll put in your welcome package are the “basics.” Nevertheless, they can still be a pleasant surprise for visitors because these kind gestures may come in handy if a tourist forgets to pack something.

Short-term guests don’t want to spend a lot of money on a large shampoo bottle that they’ll only use partially, and they’ll probably appreciate a cup of freshly prepared coffee before a full day of sightseeing. Anything you offer to ease their travel will be much appreciated by your guests!

These things may be simple, but that doesn’t mean you can’t flaunt them. With a welcome basket that contains a calming shower gel, a soothing balm for sore legs, and bath salts for a lengthy soak at the end of the day, you’re sure to succeed. Regarding breakfast, if you provide fresh pastries from a nearby bakery in addition to the customary coffee capsules, guests will be delighted.

Hygiene Supplies

After COVID-19, travel will be entirely different. Therefore, think about providing things like free masks, hand sanitizers, and a small packet of cleaning wipes to help your guests feel safe and at home. These amenities will make it easier for your visitor to unwind on the property and while exploring.

It’s crucial to take all reasonable safety measures to keep your guests’ trust and create a secure environment in your vacation rental. Additionally, it will show that you’re a considerate host who genuinely cares about their safety and well-being.

Bespoke Items

Even the most run-down motels provide its visitors with tiny gratis items. That calls on you to take it a step further and customize the options to the demands of your particular visitors as well as the location and season of your home. Depending on your guests, you can change the items in your basket.

Personalized in Accordance with Your Stay and/or the Season

Play with the theme of your property, the area it is in, and the kind of tourism that often occurs at that time of year. For instance, if a visitor books a few days in your cozy remote cabin in the winter, provide them with something appropriate, like hot chocolate or the ingredients to create mulled wine. In contrast, if your rental is a beach apartment and your visitors are staying for the entire month of August, be sure to include some sunscreen and inflatable beach balls.

Customized for Each Guest

You might learn the reason for their vacation when you connect with the guest during their reservation request (and if not, you can always ask them!). It may be a family vacation with young children, a group of friends celebrating a birthday, or a couple on their honeymoon. The happier your guests are, the more personalized the welcome present should be. Additionally, it will increase the usefulness of the welcome package and might even alter the significance of their stay in your property.

Try including extras like a bottle of wine or champagne, a fresh arrangement of flowers, or sensual bath products if your guests are on a romantic getaway. Give them some party supplies, candles, and cake-making supplies if their birthday is significant so they may throw a memorable party. You can include coloring books, toys, bedtime stories, or even some kid-friendly goodies in your welcome basket if your visitors are families with young children.

Consider your arriving guests before you fill out your welcome package. The things in your welcome basket might stand out more if you personalize them.

A Welcome Manual

We advise offering a guest welcome book along with a welcome package that contains all the information guests would need regarding the lodging, the neighborhood, transportation, points of interest, and restaurants where they can sample the local food. A basic list of your unique suggestions that visitors might appreciate in your area can also be made as an alternative. Even though it could seem like a lot of work, keep in mind that you only need to write it once so you can use it for all of your subsequent guests.

Additionally, you may provide information like a few house rules and check-in and check-out timings here. Additionally, it could be a good idea to provide the property’s address and any emergency contact information.

You ought to prominently post your WiFi password, at the very least. After all, we are in the year 2020, and rather than reading tourist brochures, we frequently use our phones to research neighboring sights. The password should be clearly visible and printed at the top or bottom of your letter.

The welcome bundle is a great spot to include any merchandise you’ve made with your brand’s logo on it. Use headed paper with the name of your holiday property, for instance, to compose your own welcome letter. Writing a note to the guests is a great way to express gratitude for their stay and to encourage them to get in touch if they require any help.

Food and Drinks

the last thing you’ll want to do is go out hunting for supplies, especially if you arrive late and the stores are already closed. If you’ve ever arrived to a vacation rental or hotel late at night after a long day of travel, you know the thrill of finding a food welcome pack. Consider what your guests may require on their first night at your property.

The best way to deal with this potential issue is to provide some snacks that, if they don’t love them the first night, they can carry the next day in their backpack. You could wish to put cheese and crackers, cured meat, chocolate, and sweets in your welcome basket. Simple breakfast options can also be liked. They might be tiny muffins, fruit, or quick oats.

How about beverages? Even if the tap water on your property is potable, it’s still important to bring a big bottle of water. As previously noted, you might also wish to include bottled water, coffee, hot cocoa, or a variety of teas for a couple celebrating a special occasion.

If your house has a kitchen, the visitor might welcome spices and oils to use in their culinary experience while staying.

Indulge on Local Products

Don’t forget to fill your welcome basket with products made in your community. By doing this, you’ll give your guest welcome package a special touch. Your visitor will be able to sample goods sold by nearby merchants and even take some with them as mementos. It will consequently increase such businesses’ profits. They will want to bring it home to share with their loved ones after tasting the regional honey, handmade soap, or real spice you have to offer.

It is possible to include local cheese or artisan chocolate. Let guests experience delectable, regional food and sweets, whether they prefer honey, jam, or traditional pasta. However, not all things need to be appetizing! Additionally, you can include homemade candles, soaps, and other such items for them to enjoy once they get home.

You might even consider forming a joint venture with other nearby companies to include these products in your welcome kit!


Just as essential as the contents of your basket is how you present it. Do not simply place everything in a Tupperware box. You should pick a basket or container that blends in with the design of your rental house. You might choose to use something that complements the décor instead of a woven basket, which is always a cozy way to offer the gifts to your guests. Your farmhouse theme can work well with a wooden box or container. You might also search for items with a somewhat more contemporary industrial feel, such a wire basket or container made of tin or copper.

Make sure that everything fits neatly inside them, regardless of the style you choose. They shouldn’t be so full that things are spilling over or overflowing that they are either overstuffed or empty.

Another crucial factor is where you put your welcome package for your vacation property. Usually, it makes the most sense to place the package on a table, kitchen counter, or another visible surface.

Make Lasting Impressions

You can also speak with nearby establishments to offer your visitors exclusive deals or coupons to enjoy regional specialties in order to create a memorable experience. Even though this welcome kit item may be the most expensive, there is no way to measure the impact it will have on your visitors.

Discounts for wine, beer, or cheese sampling can also be obtained for your guests. Even better, try to come to a deal with the proprietors of the businesses, perhaps in exchange for concessions at the nearby theme parks or sports venues.

You’re All Set to Begin

The welcome basket or gift should take into account the guest’s necessities, the atmosphere of the vacation rental, and the owner’s hospitality. Keep in mind that every vacation rental home is distinctive.

Consider asking your visitors if they have any food restrictions or allergies if you want to include any edible things. By keeping these criteria in mind, you can select the fitting extras for your welcome package and help your visitors feel welcome and at home. Let the glowing testimonials pour in!

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