Top 10 Best Destinations For Women Who Wish to Travel Alone

Here’s a list of nations where traveling alone for women may be a fantastic experience. Does that imply that these locations are entirely secure? Obviously not. However, based on studies and our own observations, they are significantly more secure and at ease than other people.

1. Spain

One of the finest destinations for female travelers traveling alone for the first time is Spain. It is simple to navigate, has excellent tourism infrastructure, and has consistently ranked as the second-most visited country in the world. As a result of your destination’s popularity, you will inevitably run into other travelers.

No matter what kind of visitor you are, Spain has plenty to offer you, from the history, architecture, cuisine, and beaches of Barcelona to the museums in Madrid, the southern culture, the northern scenery, and the numerous UNESCO sites.

Spain also boasts one of the lowest crime rates in the world and is one of the nations with the most progressive attitudes toward women. One of the most equal countries with a populace that is accustomed to tourism and depends on it for around 12% of GDP, the nation has a vibrant LGBTQ+ community that is widely accepted.

Spain is one of Western Europe’s most budget-friendly nations and can accommodate all spending levels. Hostels, public transportation, cheap eateries, and marketplaces are all options. You can even take a lavish vacation and treat yourself.

2. Australia

Australia is another country with a lot to offer travelers and a welcoming English-speaking community on the other side of the globe from Spain.

Australia benefits from the high perceived level of safety, the equitable treatment of women, the low risk of harassment, and the fact that the nation is highly ranked on many people’s bucket lists.

However, Australia is a remote location that demands a lengthy trip, careful logistics planning, and a sizable travel expense for the majority of people, with the exception of New Zealanders and Pacific Islanders.

Australia is one of the biggest countries in the world, so getting about might be challenging. However, most visitors choose to stay in the cities, where the public transportation is often good, or they rent a car to go at their own leisure.

3. Thailand

Thailand is universally acknowledged as one of the top travel locations for lone travelers; it is a very tourist-friendly nation where tourism accounts for 15% of the GDP and where harassment and violence are quite uncommon. It is regarded as one of the safest nations for female travelers traveling alone, and the people there are well-known for being friendly.

Thailand, one of the most well-liked travel locations for budget travelers, is also incredibly inexpensive. You can enjoy yourself no matter your financial status. For less than $25 per day, you can choose between a high-end resort where you’ll be treated like royalty or a super inexpensive hostel where you’ll eat just street cuisine.

Bangkok consistently ranks as one of the most visited cities in the world, making this one of the most popular countries for single travelers overall. As a result, meeting new people is almost a given, ensuring that you never feel lonely.

The allure of the nation doesn’t end there. Thailand is on many people’s travel wish lists due to its extensive beaches, rich history, and numerous picture-perfect locations that have been made popular by movies and full moon parties.

4. United Kingdom

According to our survey, the UK is a top choice for first-time solo female visitors. Everyone speaks English, making it easier for tourists to do most things, and the infrastructure is excellent, with nationwide train service and affordable low-cost flights.

London helps the UK earn a top spot on the list of the finest destinations for a woman’s first solo travel. The city, which is among the most populated in the globe, is a fantastic place to start your solo travel adventures.

It is simple to meet people in London because there are so many tourists and there are so many different cultures there. Simply walk into a pub, order a drink, and you’ll soon find yourself chatting with someone.

According to studies, 78% of people in the UK felt secure while out alone at night, and the nation had one of the lowest homicide rates among OECD nations. UK continues to be one of the most frequently suggested due to how simple it is to traverse on your own.

5. Italy

In addition to being one of the most well-liked nations overall, single female travelers rank Italy as one of the top destinations for their first solo journeys.

No matter what you enjoy doing on vacation, Italy has it all: fantastic food, a ton of UNESCO sites, and a rich cultural legacy.

The nation is rich in amazing locations that capture anyone’s imagination, but women’s imaginations in particular. It has become clear that Italy is the best destination for female solo travelers, whether they are planning their first or next solo vacation, thanks to works like Eat, Pray, Love and the recent discovery of iconic locations like Cinque Terre on Instagram.

Italy is viewed as a welcoming nation that is simple to navigate by car or train and where one can spend days exploring; it is romantic and has a certain “Je ne sais quoi” that draws women from all over the world.

No other country was as universally adored as a first-time solo travel destination and as a bucket list country, according to our study of female travelers traveling alone.

The country’s numerous airports make it simple for anyone to visit, and Europeans can just hop on a cheap flight and go for the weekend.

6. Japan

For female lone travelers, Japan is one of the most mysterious, magical, and exotic nations. It is one of the safest places for women to travel alone, with virtually little crime, which makes it a very alluring destination for first-time solo female travelers.

With the exception of the two largest cities, Tokyo and Kyoto, the nation is diverse and largely unexplored. There are mountains, archipelagos, amazing gastronomy, rich heritage and unique cultural components that draw the most curious travelers.

Women can safely walk the streets unafraid of harassment, theft, or fraud. Despite the language barrier, visitors are always made to feel welcome by the kindness and remarkable politeness of the Japanese people.

On the other hand, while being well linked, Japan is one of the most expensive countries to travel to and around, and the subway in Tokyo is renowned for being a confusing maze for tourists.

It is a highly recommended destination for first-time solo travelers due to these factors and the guaranteed cultural shock that almost every visitor encounters, but it is also not as straightforward as other countries on this list.

7. Singapore

Singapore is among the greatest places for women to travel alone for the first time. It is compact, simple to navigate, and filled with activities. It also has excellent infrastructure and public transportation.

Singapore is a fantastic starting point for your travels around the rest of Asia because of its diverse population. You can visit Little India or Chinatown to get a glimpse of what those nations are like. In addition, you can visit one of the many magnificent man-made structures or take in the beaches or tropical forests.

Due to Singapore’s modest size and frequent use as a stopover on longer trips around Asia, it does not receive the same level of recommendation as other choices on this list. Additionally, it is much less well-known than the previously stated nations (around 20 million people visit Singapore every year vs. 85 million visiting Spain).

8. Indonesia

Generally speaking, women and digital nomads regard Indonesia, and Bali in particular, as one of the best places to travel.

Many foreigners have decided to base themselves on the Island of Gods because of the low cost of living, the welcoming nature of the locals, and the generally secure atmosphere.

Nowhere else can you find the same emphasis on fresh cuisine, veganism, and vegetarianism as in Bali, which is synonymous for tourists with spirituality, yoga, and wellbeing. In addition to the numerous waterfalls, beaches, mountains, and active volcanoes that Bali has to offer, it also boasts a plethora of temples, organic cafes, and retreat centers.

The locals are welcoming, committed to tourism, and quite accommodating. Balinese Hinduism, which differs from Hinduism in India but shares the same ethos, is practiced by 90% of the population in Bali despite the island’s affiliation with a predominantly Muslim Indonesia.

Bali’s accessibility and affordability make it a good choice for female travelers traveling alone for the first time. Renting a scooter and eating locally means you spend very little, and the variety of lodging options offers anything from $5 a night hostels to $500 luxury hotels. Indonesia is quite economical overall and allows you to travel for lengthy periods of time without breaking the bank.

Last but not least, even if you’re traveling alone, it’s simple to join local events or meet people in Bali because it’s a popular destination for female travelers and it has a strong digital nomad community.

9. Nordic Countries of Europe

We could segregate Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Denmark, and Finland, but the truth is that they all have a number of characteristics that make them excellent choices for female travelers who are traveling alone.

The Nordic nations of Europe all score highly in terms of minority rights, female rights, and gender equality. Norway, Finland, and Sweden, which also leads the list for LGBTQ+ rights, follow Iceland at the top of the rankings for gender equality.

10. New Zealand

Since the Lord of the Rings made people aware of its wide and stunning landscapes, New Zealand has been one of the best places for solo travel and a top item on bucket lists for years. Due to its inaccessible position, it has been on many people’s bucket lists for a long time.

New Zealand is a fantastic location for female solo travelers because it is safe, egalitarian, and respectful of women, has solid infrastructure, and has hospitable locals—all qualities that female solo travelers love in a destination.

Road excursions are the primary method of exploration, but it is also expensive to get there and around, so you’ll need a sizable budget to go.

Due to this and its remote location, New Zealand is frequently not recommended as a first-time solo travel destination because it takes extensive planning, solo driving, and a wider range of skillsets than other nations on this list.

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