How to Choose the Best Airbnb When Travelling with Kids?

It’s incredibly enjoyable to travel with children, and family vacations will produce lifelong memories. Finding short-term rentals that suit your family’s needs is a key component of organizing a great family vacation. Everyone will be happier, more cooperative, and really enjoy their trip if they are all well rested. Renting an Airbnb with kids is a terrific choice for your upcoming trip because it has numerous family-friendly benefits like separate bedrooms, complete kitchens, and laundry facilities.

Benefits of Taking the Family to an Airbnb

1. With kids, sharing a hotel room may be a miserable experience. You’ll have to wait in silence in a pitch-black hotel room if your children go to bed earlier than you do, hoping that they will finally doze off. By staying at an Airbnb, you may avoid the drawback of bringing your children to a hotel. Finding a kid-friendly Airbnb rental with at least two bedrooms is not difficult. This implies that you can keep your children in a different room from you.

2. In general, Airbnb rentals are less expensive than equivalent hotel rooms.

3. We don’t like to eat at restaurants three times a day when we travel with kids. In addition to being pricey, eating out takes up a lot of your travel time. Families benefit greatly from booking a kid-friendly Airbnb with a complete kitchen because you can prepare healthy meals, save money, and most importantly, save time.

4. Children, especially young children, are untidy. Having a washer and dryer is one of the best benefits of booking an Airbnb with children. We try to pack as little as possible when we travel with kids, and staying at an Airbnb with laundry facilities enables us to do just that. Instead of bringing enough clothing for each day (plus a few extras in case anything gets soiled), we could bring half as much and wash the rest of the garments once our family vacation is halfway over. Additionally, this may result in a reduction in airline baggage expenses!

5. Since Airbnb homes are generally located in residential areas, your family getaway will feel more genuine. Additionally, kids are loved by people everywhere, giving your children the chance to socialize with welcoming locals wherever you go. 

Cons of Bringing Kids to an Airbnb Rental

1. You are more likely to interact with a person, not a firm, when renting an Airbnb for your family, which exposes you to some risk if things do not go as planned. Both VRBO and Airbnb provide some protection for renters, but once your money is sent to the owner of the flat, you are essentially forced to resolve any issues with them.

2. Short-term rentals typically have tougher cancellation restrictions than hotels.

3. Compared to hotels, the number of family-friendly vacation rentals in your schedule and desired area may be limited.

Ways to Choose the Best Airbnb for Families

Know Where You Wish to Go

Going with children is more challenging than traveling alone. Choosing the ideal location for your family’s Airbnb is crucial because it takes more time to get everyone ready and to travel. We advise you to consider everything you want to visit and do with your family before attempting to choose a family-friendly Airbnb near these sites. You may search by map on Airbnb and VRBO, which makes it much easier to select the ideal holiday property for your trip.

Monitor your Budget

Traveling with children can be pricey. Use the search criteria to establish a maximum cap on the cost per night of your Airbnb because, typically, accommodation expenses represent one of the biggest budget items for any family vacation.

What will occur if you don’t is as follows. Let’s imagine you have a $200 per night Airbnb rental budget. We practically guarantee you’ll locate a property that’s ideal for your family if you limit your search filter to a maximum of $200 per night. However, if you don’t impose that daily price cap, you’ll start to come across far nicer accommodations in better areas.

This can cause you to overpay on lodging, which will have an effect on how much money you have to spend to enjoy yourself on your family trip. Suddenly, all the locations you were looking at within your price range don’t look so appealing any longer.

Finding a really good home outside of the major tourist area but close to a subway station is a terrific tip for travelers on a budget while using Airbnb with kids. You can frequently save a ton of money on your lodging expenses by giving up a few minutes of commute time in exchange for a much nicer hotel.

Take a Closer Look at the Images of the Airbnb Listings

Despite your pleadings for peace, kids will still play, run around, and generally be crazy just because you are on a family vacation. As a result, we advise you to search for Airbnb apartments that are uncluttered (i.e., have few décor items, etc.). We advise avoiding vacation rentals with a lot of breakables (glass coffee tables, for example), long staircases, etc.

Does the Listing Allow Pets? 

You might want to stay away from renting an Airbnb that allows pets if any family members have allergies. Cats and, to a lesser extent, dogs trigger my allergies. This is a wonderful way to ruin your family’s holiday experience. 

Get the Correct Number of Bedrooms 

Airbnb hosts frequently exaggerate the number of actual bedrooms in a rental property. We’ve leased properties that were advertised as having three bedrooms on Airbnb, only to discover that they only had two, plus a sofa bed in the living area. Check the number of bedrooms while you look through the photos on the Airbnb listing to make sure you can recognize each individual bedroom. If you can’t, ask the host for more information via messaging.

Check the Airbnb Reviews Carefully

You can increase your chances of discovering a fantastic family Airbnb by carefully reading the reviews. Make sure there are no remarks about it being dirty, loud, or next to a club or a train. Focus especially on feedback from other families who have visited Airbnb with children.

Compare both VRBO and Airbnb

Don’t ignore the many family-friendly VRBO homes, despite the fact that Airbnb is currently the dominant player in the vacation rental market. Have your options open. If you can’t find anything suitable on Airbnb, try checking VRBO. This gives you more options to ensure that you have an amazing family staycation.

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