The Top 10 Advice For Airbnb Guests

Airbnb: Why Use It?

Since its launch in 2008, Airbnb has transformed from a “home sharing” concept to a wonderful substitute for hotel stays. The comprehensive search engine makes it simple to match guests with accommodations.

Additionally, owners have become savvier, and many are now providing short-term holiday rentals through the Airbnb system that were previously only accessible through agencies or word-of-mouth.

Living in homes rather than hotels can increase travel affordability, comfort, and local experiences.

You can discover the greatest lodging at the best rates for the best experiences using our Airbnb hacks!

Describe Airbnb

Property owners can rent out their space to guests through the platform Airbnb.

It really is that easy, although there are a lot of misunderstandings about what Airbnb actually is. Before we get into our top Airbnb advice for guests, let’s first address a few often asked questions to help clear the air, so to speak.

Will the Property Owners Join Me in the Home?

Maybe! It depends on the sort of lodging you want; there are filters that let you pick just what you want.

Previously, while making a reservation on Airbnb, guests would share the house with the owners, but times have certainly changed.

Are Airbnb Lodgings Similar to B&Bs?

Because of its name, some people believe Airbnb to be similar to a traditional bed and breakfast. This is not always the case, though. 

Can Airbnb Be Cheaper Than a Hotel Room?

One of the most popular pieces of advice for Airbnb users is that renting space through the site is less expensive than booking a hotel room. Booking through Airbnb can, but is not always, less expensive than staying in a hotel.

What Other Services Are There Besides Airbnb?

Hotels are a clear substitute for Airbnb, but there are other websites where travelers can book holiday rentals.

Ten Best Airbnb Guest Hints

1. The first Airbnb tip is to sign up and save money

Making an account is the first step in renting on Airbnb.

2. Complete your profile on Airbnb

In contrast to renting a hotel, where all you need to supply is your name and a credit card, Airbnb adds a little bit of personalization to the process. Some of the details on your profile, such as your email address, phone number, and a picture of yourself, are necessary. Ensure a clean photo of your face appears in your profile image. 

One of our best Airbnb pieces of advice is to properly fill out the information in your profile, which includes a brief description of yourself, your travel preferences, and your interests. You can also provide details about your background, languages spoken, and line of work.

You should submit this information since, unless the property is offered for Instant Book, you will need to Request to Book with the host. This is why we’ve included it as one of our Airbnb profile tips. The host will have a better understanding of who is requesting to be their guest if the guest’s profile is full.

3. Search Tips

In 2022, you will have a nearly 6 million property selection when booking an Airbnb. From complete castles to couches in someone’s living room, accommodations are available.

One of the best Airbnb tips and tricks for guests is to utilize the Airbnb search options in order to sort through the information and locate housing that includes everything that is vital for your trip.

In fact, employing the filters is one of our top recommendations for Airbnb guests! To discover the ideal place for your stay, you should surely make use of the profusion of filters offered on the search page.

Apply filters

You have the choice to narrow down your Airbnb search after completing the necessary details on the home page, including location, dates, and the number of guests. Select the Type of Place first (this is where you can select Entire Home, Private Room within a home, Hotel Room or Shared Room – Private and Shared usually mean staying with the owner). Next, change the Price Range so that you only view listings that fall inside your precise spending limit.

By choosing amenities, you may focus your search and avoid looking through postings that are unsuitable for you. The Airbnb facilities icons are prominently featured in the results so you can easily verify what is provided at the accommodations.

4. Map Feature

One of the finest Airbnb search ideas is to use the Map searching option, which is quite helpful. Zooming in on the place on the map will limit the search results to that area once you have determined the neighborhood or specific attraction you wish to be close to.

Location Is Crucial

One of our top recommendations for Airbnb guests is to have a broad notion of where they want to stay. Location remains crucial! Distance from attractions, local amenities, and ease of transportation access should all be taken into account.

5. Airbnb Price Advice: Consider More Than the Nightly Rate

One of our top recommendations for booking Airbnb rooms is to consider the total cost and not just the nightly pricing. If all you see is the Price Per Night listed on the image and map, you could be shocked by the final bill. And that takes us to Extra Airbnb Fees.

Airbnb Extra Charges

The base charge is shown in bold on the map and in the property listing. (In the list, the total cost of the stay is shown in light grey; however, when you click on the map, this information is not displayed.)

Click on the property to expand the listing to see the additional costs and overall cost. On the right side, there is a breakdown of the total fees.

The Service Fee (which is Airbnb’s portion) and Cleaning Fees, which are set by the owner, are fees that are frequently observed here. Additionally noted here are occupancy taxes and municipal fees (where applicable). Two rentals with similar nightly rates can really have very different overall costs because there are other costs to take into account. The lowest cost per stay isn’t usually represented by lower per-night rates.

Pro Tip: In Airbnb, pricing isn’t always obvious. More than one guest may incur additional fees, and hosts may also change prices to reflect market conditions (charging more for weekends, holidays and the like). Searching for a selection of dates is one of the best Airbnb booking suggestions for getting the best deal. You can select up to 7 days on either side of your selected days if your schedule is flexible.

6. Don’t Always Judge a Place by The Pictures: Airbnb Photo Advice

Consider not believing everything you see as one of our greatest Airbnb rental advice. Particularly, exercise caution when looking at photographs from Airbnb. Use top-notch images of the lodgings while listing on Airbnb, which is some of the best tips for hosts. To make a space appear wider and brighter than it actually is, some owners utilize specialty lenses, such as wide angle or fisheye.

Pro Tip: On the other hand, some hosts don’t have access to professional photography equipment, so their pictures frequently don’t do the accommodations justice. Examine the photos carefully, but keep in mind that some wonderful hosts of wonderful locations are not good photographers.

7. Read the Reviews on Airbnb Carefully

One of our top recommendations for using Airbnb is to read reviews. Reviews are sometimes more important to us than the images or the descriptions.

After you have narrowed down your list using pricing and other filters, carefully read the reviews. The evaluations might shed a lot of light on the listing’s realities. The same as salespeople, hosts occasionally overpromise and provide less than expected (and vice versa!).

The reviews give insight into the accommodations’ actual state. You can learn about information not included in the listing, such as noisy neighbors and drafty windows, by reading the comments. Pay close attention to your priorities.

Pro Tip: One more of our Airbnb hacks and pointers for reading reviews is to look at the host’s responses as well as what visitors have to say. This will give you a better understanding of their personality, which is crucial to know in case any awkward situations happen during your visit.

8. Speak with the Airbnb Host Before Making a Reservation

One of the best things about Airbnb is that you have a personal host, and one of our top Airbnb suggestions is to get to know the host before making a reservation. No matter the writing, the prose, or the reviews, we want to be sure we’ll get along with the host.

We message the host using the Contact Host button (found below the listing description section and at the bottom of the posting), explain briefly why we are visiting the region, and then request confirmation of any facts we might be uncertain of.

Pro Tip: The host’s initial response to your message will give you a decent idea of what to anticipate from them moving ahead. Of course, keep looking if they don’t reply at all!

9. Maintain Contact with Your Airbnb Host

After a reservation is made, communication with the host continues. We always give Airbnb Additional Guests information before providing information about our vacation arrangements. Our anticipated arrival time is the most crucial information we convey to our hosts because many hosts receive guests at the lodging.

Pro tip: It’s crucial to let your host know about any problems you encounter while staying there. Is there a problem? Is there a gap somewhere? Let them know; if they are unaware of the problem, they cannot resolve it.

10. Set Your Expectations for Airbnb

The most crucial of our Airbnb rental advice is undoubtedly to be completely aware of the kind of accommodations you are staying in and to adjust your expectations accordingly.

Airbnb frequently offers rentals that are not hotels. Don’t anticipate getting a concierge, in-room dining, daily housekeeping, or other typical hotel facility. Although sheets and towels are typically given, it is common to only find one roll of toilet paper and no soap in the bathroom.

Some hosts go above and beyond and offer amenities like shampoo, a hair dryer, coffee, sugar, cooking oil, and breakfast on the first morning. Before making a reservation, let the host know if certain details are crucial.

In any case, prepare to make your own bed and be prepared to buy toiletries from the nearby market if you forgot to pack them.

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