How to Make your Vacation Rentals Kid-Friendly

Whether you have kids of your own or not, you’ve either heard from friends or experienced it yourself how difficult and time-consuming it can be to organize family vacations.

Given that US families already spend more than $150 billion on travel each year, the family travel sector represents a sizable potential market for vacation rental owners. It therefore comes as no surprise that property owners are stepping up their marketing efforts to reach out to families.

Summer continues to be the most popular time of year for families to travel, according to the 2018 NYU Family Travel Survey. Winter and mid-winter vacations are starting to draw more attention from families looking to take their children on vacation. The same survey reveals that a staggering 79% of US customers are inclined to travel with their kids, yet Mastercard discovered that almost 90% of people experience stress while planning family vacations.

The study also reveals that parents of children under the age of five were most likely to choose family travel destinations that welcome young children. Theme parks, beach vacations, and visits to friends and family are the most popular vacation options for US families.

Families who are traveling with young children will probably pick a destination where everyone can feel comfortable, unwind, and enjoy themselves. Security, though, will always remain their top concern.

Make sure you offer all a family may possibly need in terms of protection, then add a few extras for maximum comfort, to appeal to them and prevent any unwanted surprises, bad reviews, or furious calls.

There are several things to consider when traveling as a family. Be careful to keep these points in mind before you consider making your house a kid-proof vacation rental.

You need to start by imagining yourself as a parent. What would you require if you were traveling with kids? If they were infants, toddlers, or even teenagers, how would their needs change? Under any circumstances, having a comfortable spot to unwind, eat, and sleep is essential for a successful journey.

But parents who are under a lot of pressure won’t be able to fully enjoy their holidays. Because of this, your vacation rental should offer all the conveniences that families value so highly, especially those that hotels frequently can’t.

As a result, you must persuade potential guests that renting a vacation home offers better value and facilities than staying in a hotel. More than half of US millennial visitors prefer traditional hotels, according to statistics, but recent data from several OTAs reveals that the vacation rental market is expanding and has no indications of slowing down.

Emphasize on your website that your vacation rental provides families with plenty of personal space, a special guest experience, and complete comfort. For those who want to bring seniors or elderly grandparents along, having an accessible vacation property could be a distinct advantage. Be sure to let your guests know about this practical aspect and to give them all the directions and security information they require.

Every vacation rental is unique and offers a range of options, themes, facilities, and experiences for guests. You might emphasize how your home’s characteristics are completely tailored to their requirements and will make them feel at home.

Having a large fridge that can accommodate the entire family, for instance. Parents will like having room to keep their kids’ favorite foods and snacks on hand as well as a private, fully equipped kitchen to cook wholesome meals for the entire family.

Additionally, some families favor road trips with other families or groups of friends. Hence, let them know whether your location is big enough to accommodate different groups so that parents may unwind together while the kids receive a good night’s sleep.

In order to attract these guests, make sure to concisely list all your vacation rental’s advantages. This might include outstanding living space, a special guest experience, amenities that can be used by people with disabilities, or any other characteristics that make your home perfect for families.

Here are some tips on how to make your vacation rental kid-friendly:

Remove Fragile and Sharp Objects

Children frequently exhibit high levels of curiosity, are hyperactive, and love to touch everything. Thus, be aware of any delicate, priceless, or cutting things in your holiday home and take them out if necessary. Glass, crystal, china, vases, and other breakable or possibly hazardous items should all be stored and protected. Knives and other sharp kitchen utensils should be kept out of children’s reach and in a secure location.

By leaving out potentially dangerous items, you not only make your guests more stressed and anxious but also yourself as the host. By putting these things out of the way, you can significantly lower the chance of accidents while also allaying parent concerns.

Protect Sharp Corners

Sharp edges must be covered so that kids won’t be harmed by them. This implies that all types of tables, TVs, cabinets, and even walls could be sharp and dangerous! Invest in plastic or rubber tableware that you can simply add or remove according on the number of visitors you expect.

Store Cleaning Products Out of Reach

The consumption of toxic substances might be fatal. Hence, to prevent deadly mishaps, secure your cleaning cabinet with a lock or store these things high where they can’t fall into the wrong hands.

To make sure that any chemical hazards are out of their reach, you might also install child safety locks or kid-proof drawers. Just let the parents know in advance that they are available and where to find them in your vacation home.

Tidy Away Cables and Wires

Cable organization can not only make your home more organized, but it will also make it cleaner and safer for your young guests.

You should also use outlet covers to shield any exposed plug sockets so that kids can’t reach anything hazardous. Also, for added security, consider installing child-proof light switches in any bedrooms reserved exclusively for children.

Ensure Water and Gas Safety

Provide information about the water quality in your area—that is, if it is safe to drink—when you give guests your check in details. This will enable parents to plan ahead and, if necessary, advise older children against drinking from the tap.

To prevent kids from turning on the gas when their parents aren’t looking, experts advise offering child-proof stove knob covers. This lessens the risk of explosions, house fires, and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Offer Baby Care Facilities

Parents’ top priorities are their children’s health and wellbeing. By being aware of and adhering to the American Academy of Pediatricians’ baby room checklist, you may make your rental property even more inviting to families with children.

Install Stair Gates

Install child-safe stair gates to keep children from injuring themselves while they’re on your property. This can not only prevent any trips to A&E, but it can also be the difference between a family choosing your rental over one from another.

After learning what it takes to make your home a kid-friendly vacation rental, don’t forget to ask your guests if they have any further requests for service before their arrival. This will facilitate establishing a sustained relationship with them. As a result of their positive reviews on your vacation rental website, they might even be more likely to book at your property year after year.

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