Strategies for Increasing Reservations for Pet-Friendly Vacation Rentals

Pet travel is a major industry. More and more people want to go on vacations and have adventures with their four-legged companions. In fact, there are so many that having pets is the second-most preferred amenity in vacation homes.

Should you Permit Pets in Your Vacation Rental?

Certainly, having a pet-friendly policy has several benefits for your business, both financially and in terms of bookings. In addition to making your holiday home more distinctive, pet-friendly accommodations typically benefit from:

  • A 15% increase in rental income would improve one’s earning possibilities.
  • Increased reservations and an approximately 9% rise in occupancy.
  • Bookings with pets often last 14% longer than those without.

These are several techniques supported by experts to increase reservations from customers bringing their pets.

Protect Your Vacation Rental

Even the most well-behaved guests sometimes have mishaps (two-legged or four). Thus, take some security measures to safeguard your holiday house and everything inside.

Provide Amenities That Pets and Their Owners will Appreciate Want to win over the hearts and wallets of pet owners who are on the road—and increase your chances of receiving 5-star Airbnb reviews? Treat their fur babies like a VIP, just like they would (Very Important Pet, that is). Offer the creature pleasures that their pets would typically appreciate at home, but that their owners might find too troublesome to pack. Such as:

  • water and food bowl
  • dog bed
  • waste bags
  • chew toys
  • leash
  • pet towels
  • dog shampoo

Provide Recommendations for Pet-friendly Locations

The fun shouldn’t be all for people. Exploring the destination with your furry companion is one of the benefits of traveling together. Provide your visitors with suggestions for pet-friendly locations in town.

Provide a Safe Outdoor Area

Got a backyard or front garden? Since they offer a secure area to run and play off-leash, these are popular attractions for guests who are traveling with their dogs (as well as kids). Ensure sure your fences and gates are locked and that there are no gaps or openings underneath them that can be used by dogs as escape routes.

Put up a List of Local Pet Services

Knowing that there are facilities nearby to help them care for their dogs will make travelers who are bringing pets feel safer. Save your guests’ time and effort. Make a list of nearby pet service companies, like:

  • dog walkers
  • pet groomers
  • veterinary clinics

Make Changes to Your Vacation Rental

Make sure dog owners can determine right away whether their pet is welcome in your vacation rental. Here’s how to make changes to your vacation rental ad to get more reservations from pet owners:

  • On Airbnb, Vrbo, and Booking.com, be sure to choose the pet-friendly option for your holiday rental.
  • Make sure your listing name indicates that you welcome pets.
  • Add pictures of your pet’s amenities and supplies, such as dog beds, chew toys, and bowls.
  • List the animals you permit. Mention, for instance, whether you only permit dogs and not cats.
  • Indicate how many animals are permissible.
  • Include precise pet regulations in your house rules so that pet owners are aware of the expectations you have for them.

Target Pet Owners with Your Marketing

For traffic to your vacation rental listing, don’t just rely on listing websites. To keep your vacation property in front of potential guests, you should market frequently. Make connections with pet and travel bloggers to promote your vacation rental. By joining Facebook groups, you may use social media to promote your vacation rental and draw in animal lovers.

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