How to Get 5-Star Airbnb Reviews?

Why Are 5-Star Airbnb Reviews Important?

If you consider yourself a professional Airbnb host, you must have 5-star reviews. Anything with fewer than 5 stars today may be viewed as a failure. Your standing in search results will be heavily influenced by ratings. And the number of reservations you receive and the price you can anticipate to receive will both be directly impacted by your search ranking. The same applies to Airbnb. Airbnb’s Super host evaluation guidelines mandate that hosts keep an average rating of 4.8 stars. This type of grading necessitates paying close attention to every detail of your listing.

Overall Experience is Crucial

The key component of the 5-star Airbnb review is this. Your listing is promoted in search results using this rating. Additionally, it is the sole criterion used in the Superhost evaluation. Customers give this rating in a variety of ways. Some visitors equate it inadvertently to a hotel star rating system, but as a host, you must understand that ratings continuously below 5 stars signal you must quickly improve.


The accuracy rating reflects how well you met your marketing goals for the venue in the guest’s eyes. Make sure to include lots of images of every area of your listing to ensure high accuracy ratings and 5-star Airbnb reviews. Including every amenity on your list that you checked off is also helpful. 


The simplest aspect of maintaining 5-star Airbnb evaluations is check-in. A clean, ready-to-check-in listing should be available at the advertised hour. Send the visitor all the information they require to locate the listing and complete a successful check-in. Make sure you are accessible at the time the guest is expected to arrive. In case your last visitor neglected to put the keys back in the lockbox, make sure you have a backup. If you use a smart lock, you can completely eliminate this problem. Make sure to arrive a few minutes early if you are meeting your guests.

It also doesn’t hurt to make sure that visitors can readily locate the listing at night. Use exterior illumination to make your street number visible. Make sure the entrance to your listing is well-lit and that guests can readily see the lockbox or smart lock. Guests will value the security of a well-lit exterior when they are alone in a strange environment at night.


The sub-rating with the most weight is cleanliness. A slow-responding host or a property that is a little smaller than it appears in the images might be excused by guests. But they won’t overlook hair in the shower, filthy dishes, or dirty linens. Pay close attention to every detail when cleaning, and if you don’t know how to do it yourself or don’t have the time to do it right, think about hiring a professional service. Either charge a cleaning fee or include it in your nightly rate to cover the cost.


A good guest experience and 5-star Airbnb reviews depend on effective communication. You should be available to your guests for the majority of the day when hosting a stay in case anything goes wrong. As a backup in case of emergencies or when you are unable to answer messages, we advise adding a co-host. During their stay, it is a good idea to check in with your guest to see how they are doing. With an automatic message sent roughly 18 hours after check-in, you can do this without being overly intrusive. Simply check in with them and let them know you’re available if they need anything.


The position of your listing is unfortunately out of your control. As an alternative, you can tell the visitor where your listing is so that they are prepared. While this may be related to “Accuracy,” we notice that occasionally guests will deduct a star for location if it is not as near to the lake or downtown as claimed. You shouldn’t be too shocked if you receive a 4-star location rating if, in reality, it is 2 miles to the downtown area despite saying that it is “walking distance.”

Think of highlighting your area’s advantages, such as being “away from it all,” “near everything you’ll need for your stay,” or “the ideal location for day visits to local attractions”.


The value rating is one that many new hosts find confusing. Low value ratings may indicate that customers believe they overpaid for the facilities they received. By including more amenities, you can increase value for their money. You’d be astonished at the inexpensive little extras that make your guests smile and come as pleasant surprises.

We strongly advise including amenities with a “cool factor”. Consider using Amazon Alexa to adorn your listings. Alexa may be used by visitors to operate smart TVs, locks, thermostats, and even serve as their own personal concierge. Additionally, we advise offering at least one streaming option in place of cable TV. You’ll quickly start receiving 5-star Airbnb ratings by adding a few smart home appliances!

The best method to do this is often to pay attention to frequent guest criticism, and when you hear the same suggestions repeatedly, invest in adding them to your listing.

What to do if You’re Not Getting 5-Star Reviews on Airbnb?

Consider attempting to have it removed if you receive a negative review and believe that it is unfair. Take it in stride and utilize it as a useful lesson on your journey to becoming a better host. Without reviews, it would be much harder for us to provide and receive excellent Airbnb experiences. Reviews are essential to the Airbnb community.

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