A Quick Guide to Long-Term Airbnb Rentals for Your Property

Due to more guests choosing to “live anywhere” while working remotely, Airbnb long-term rentals are growing in popularity as a hosting approach. Learn how to make your property long-term friendly and about the advantages and disadvantages of Airbnb long-term rentals.

Advertising long-term Airbnb rental alternatives can assist hosts to increase occupancy and produce dependable rental income with the correct plan and processes in place.

Who are Long-Term Rental Guests?

The coronavirus pandemic has altered the way we live our lives and take our vacations. When international travel was halted in most nations, many people began looking into alternate vacation options.

As a result, “nearcations” or “staycations” gained popularity as a remedy. Travelers began to favor domestic travel more and more because it still allowed them to take a holiday. Travelers recognized that their own country might have additional attractions even though they may not have been planning a trip elsewhere. Additionally, because domestic travel is typically less expensive, travelers can find neighboring monthly rentals to prolong their stay and their travel dates.

Business Travelers

Long-term renters have traditionally included business travelers, who can range from corporate leaders who are temporarily working from a new branch of their office to new hires who have moved to a different state or national lines and wish to take their time choosing an apartment to rent.

Medical Professionals

As they transition from one assignment to another, nurses, but also doctors and other healthcare professionals, are known to be short-term workers that go from hospital to hospital.

Digital Nomads

Remote workers known as digital nomads travel for both business and pleasure. They travel from one place to another, staying for extended periods of time to work and take in the local attractions.

College Students

Campus housing is not available to all college students, and finding cheap housing close to campus can be challenging. While hosts find them appealing during the slow season, more and more college students are increasingly selecting vacation rentals as housing for at least certain periods.

What are the Advantages of Long-Term Stays?

  1. Over a long period of time, receive a consistent flow of income.
  2. Requires less effort and interaction with the guest than short-term guests.
  3. Lower costs are achieved with less management.
  4. Longer-term renters need fewer amenities because they bring or buy their own toiletries and other items.
  5. Stays of 28 to 31 days or more are free from short-term rental taxes in several counties and states.

What are the Disadvantages of Long-Term Stays? 

  1. When opposed to short-term tenants, long-term guests typically get a lower ADR.
  2. For a longer duration, bad guests become a concern. Guests should be thoroughly screened.
  3. Less access to the property and more control over how their rental is managed for hosts
  4. Long-staying guests may be more difficult to remove in several states and counties.

How To Promote Long -Term Stays in your Vacation Rental?

Long-term guests have distinct needs than transient tenants do, especially executives. In order to live their lives and not just sleep in for a brief vacation, they want a place that is as comfortable as possible to call home.

1. Furniture

Long-term renters demand more homey furnishings facilities than those of a short-term rental, including a bed that promotes peaceful sleep and a comfy couch. It will help if they have a large enough closet, storage areas, a comfy couch, and a living area where they can host new acquaintances.

2. Workstation

Business Travelers are likely to bring work to their rental residence at least occasionally, just like you would at home. Even entirely working from their rented house is a possibility for digital nomads. It is crucial to offer a peaceful workspace that includes a desk that is spacious and properly equipped, as well as an ergonomic chair to sit on.

3. Wi-Fi

A fast and dependable Wi-Fi connection is essential.

4. Kitchen

A fully furnished kitchen with utensils, pots, pans, cutlery, basic condiments, and a refrigerator enables extended guests to prepare and store food.

5. Washing Machine

With a washing machine, guests can conveniently handle their laundry and save paying for dry cleaning services.

6. Cleaning Supplies

By providing essential cleaning products, the guest can perform a few basic cleaning in between stays from the cleaners.

7. TV

Long-term guests will find your vacation rental more appealing if it has a TV, and adding a cable or streaming service might be a lovely touch.

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