7 Helpful Tips for Airbnbs with No Kitchen

Beginners in the Airbnb hosting industry inquire, “Can I host without a kitchen? ” and “Is it worthwhile to get an Airbnb kitchenette? Hosting guests without a dedicated kitchen is still possible, even if having a good kitchen with the necessities is beneficial for your hosting reputation.

Not all guests care about having a kitchen or a place to prepare meals, especially if they stay just briefly or there are cheap restaurants and bars nearby. However, if you want to provide your guests a cooking experience without having to deal with establishing a kitchen or allowing them access to your main kitchen. Seven tips for an Airbnb without a kitchen are provided below.

1. Invest in Equipment and Small Appliances for the Kitchen

If your rental home does not include a separate kitchen for visitors, it is probably best suited for smaller groups like couples, two to three friends, or lone travelers. You can provide your guests with a comparable experience for the majority of kitchen tasks, including preparing coffee and tea, blending some fruits, cooking an egg, etc. In an Airbnb, a visitor is unlikely to need to prepare a turkey or make a cake.

A coffee maker, electric kettle, blender, french press, small microwave, toaster, mini-fridge, tabletop twin burner hot plate, small pots, and a pan are a few essential kitchen items. For instance, you can get this Ovente double burner, which heats up quickly, allows for simple temperature control, and is simple to clean.

2. Play with Architectural Styles to Make the Most of Space

Any little area may be transformed into a kitchenette with the necessary cooking and food preparation equipment with the right planning and design. Play around with different design concepts to imaginatively fit a kitchenette in the space, whether it is a hallway from the main door to the living room or a space between the bedroom and the living room.

To give your kitchenette a finished appearance, pick slim cabinets, bar sinks, hanging shelves, hooks, and other minimalist kitchen accessories. For a simple yet effective food preparation solution, pair, for instance, this iAnomla bar sink with this straightforward ESOW faucet. A workstation and drop-in sink are combined in the bar sink.

3. Switch to Shelves and Rails Rather Than Bulky Cabinets

The goods that are required depend on how long a visitor will be staying. Long-term renters will typically opt for a property with a full kitchen because they could find eating out or simple food preparation inconvenient.

On the other hand, a visitor searching for a short-term rental might not need a kitchen, or if they do, it will probably only be for making simple meals. They can fit all of the necessary equipment, spices, and ingredients on a shelf above the bar sink. Another option is to hang your hooked utensils on a rail, such as this Wallniture Gourmet kitchen rail with ten hooks to hold your pots, pans, whisks, and other cooking accessories.

4. The Kitchenette Should be Integrated Into the Space

Compact areas don’t have to appear disorganized. You may design a beautiful kitchenette where guests can easily prepare food and snacks with the appropriate setup and decor choices. The remaining elements of the room will determine the choice of paint, wall decorations, cabinet designs, shelving, and equipment.

Pick cabinetry and other appliances, for instance, that have complementary color schemes. A beige cabinet or worktop will blend with a stainless-steel electric kettle or coffee machine, giving the kitchen space a unified and less congested appearance. This Cuisinart coffee machine is small, goes nicely with most color schemes for kitchenettes, and holds four cups.

5. Use All Available Space

Even in the tiniest places, a self-sufficient kitchenette with all the ingredients is possible. Utilizing every square inch of space to match the food preparation area’s functionality is the key. You can utilize every square inch of your little Airbnb, whether it is by putting a mini-fridge under a bar sink or fitting a corner work table behind a door.

Limited appliances are necessary to make use of small places because standard appliances might not fit. For instance, this Comfee microwave is small enough to fit on a tiny countertop. It has a sleek design and an intuitive digital display.

6. Make the Kitchenette Your Own

Make the space for food preparation and cooking aesthetically pleasing if you want your kitchenette to look pleasant. If a space makes a visitor feel cozy, at ease, or creatively inspired, they might not mind it being cramped. The space is made to feel more unique by rustic board art, lovely old cookware, and handcrafted floor mats.

Be imaginative by combining some of the best kitchenette designs from other Airbnbs with your own preferences. For instance, you might use wooden decor with comical lettering, like this amusing canvas poster from Pinetree Art, to inform your guests of the expectations.

7. Consider Other Small Space Kitchenettes for Inspiration

As a novice host, you can learn a lot about decorating and using space in your rental from more experienced hosts. View some of the most popular kitchenette layouts on Airbnb and examine the furnishings, color palettes, decorations, and other structural features.

This little kitchenette is a great illustration of how using minimalist techniques can make a small kitchenette feel luxurious to your guests. Observe how the amazing host has organized kitchen necessities like food, spices, and cutlery on ceiling shelves. Use these Lehom floating shelves to get the same effect.

Most Airbnb visitors value having a dedicated space for cooking and food preparation. Create a kitchenette in your rental area if you don’t have a kitchen or don’t want to share it with guests. You may make a suitable kitchenette for your visitors by using the aforementioned tips.

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