Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Vacation Rental Market Analysis

Gatlinburg, often known as the Gateway to the Smokies, along with nearby Sevierville and Pigeon Forge, offers year-round outdoor excitement, picturesque attractions, and mountain town attractiveness that attract visitors.

More than 14 million people visited Great Smoky Mountains National Park in 2021 alone. Gatlinburg is a great destination for a vacation rental investment as well because of the park’s immense appeal and the abundance of family-friendly activities nearby.

Why Owning a Vacation Rental Property in Gatlinburg is a Great Idea

Any trip to the Gatlinburg region begins with stunning mountain scenery, and thrill-seeking amusement parks, engaging museums, and an unlimited array of outdoor activities provide year-round enjoyment for people of all ages. Because of this, occupancy rates are consistently high throughout the year, providing investors with the chance to secure steady bookings and revenue.

In the summer, things really heat up as tourism to the region surges as a result of the better weather and the influx of nature enthusiasts. In the middle of autumn, when tourists are arriving for prime leaf-peeping, the demand for vacation rentals in Gatlinburg reaches its second peak. For a significant portion of the year, this dual seasonality may translate to higher demand (and, thus, higher nightly rates and profit).

Additionally, during the past year, the value of real estate in the Gatlinburg region has significantly increased. Gatlinburg’s median property value, which is at $600,528, has climbed even more rapidly, demonstrating the desire for rental homes as tourist picks back up.

How Much Can You Make Renting a Vacation Home in Gatlinburg?

Investors can make a lot of money in the Gatlinburg vacation rental market due to its enormous tourist attraction and easy access to the Smokies. Consider the following crucial elements when estimating your potential earnings.

Residence Size

Gatlinburg is a popular vacation destination that attracts a range of visitors for the bulk of the year, so homes of all sizes do well there.

Larger properties in this market—think four- and five-bedroom homes, earn high occupancy and the most money in general.

In contrast, one-bedroom houses do best in terms of total nights booked annually. Cozy lodgings offer a practical option for visitors since many singletons and couples who visit the area to explore the Smoky Mountains do so as well. Additionally, they represent a significantly higher proportion of the available inventory and need a smaller initial investment for those wishing to enter the Gatlinburg vacation rental market.

Property Address

Invest as close to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park’s boundary as you can, despite the fact that you cannot buy property inside the park. This makes visiting the region’s crown treasure convenient for your guests, and the mountain panoramas that look out over the breathtaking landscape elevate even the most ordinary holiday.

You may discover plenty of other places for a profitable investment in the Gatlinburg vacation rental market since there isn’t a huge supply of properties with unhindered mountain views. If you can’t get near to the mountains, search for a property in Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, or Sevierville that has quick access to the main Parkway. Giving visitors the finest experience while they’re in the area means making the drive between attractions super convenient.

Properties’ Features

When renting a home in Gatlinburg, visitors desire for the rustic beauty of a log cabin, so look for properties with a homey, rustic appeal. However, they also demand tasteful architecture and enticing extras, so you must achieve the proper balance for your visitors.

Add finishing touches like cozy furnishings outside and contemporary conveniences like WIFI, air conditioning, and laundry machines to achieve this. To impress visitors after a strenuous day of hiking or amusing the kids at Dollywood, think about installing a hot tub, one of the most well-liked attractions for visitors in the region.

Additionally, you should set aside room for family-friendly amenities. Large parties enjoy game rooms since they can relax with pool, darts, or foosball in there. Classic arcade games, board games, and a media system with family-friendly movies can all be included.

Finally, many visitors to Gatlinburg bring their pets, so you might want to think about accommodating them on your property. Include conveniences like a dog bed and food bowls so animal friends can always join in the fun, and fence in the yard for an easy game of fetch.

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