6 Ingenious Sleeping Setups for Your Airbnb

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are great for accommodating large groups of guests since they maximize the space in a room. In order to prevent guests from falling out of the top bunk, look for strong choices with railings. Bunk beds or numerous bunk beds allow for more guests, and if you cater to families, you may have a larger probability of bookings with more beds.

A typical bedroom will accommodate twin beds. Bunk beds are perfect if you have a little room. They are fantastic additions if you want to host families with children.

Queen bunk beds require extra space. Queen bunk beds can provide more comfortable sleeping accommodations for guests, especially adults, in a large room.


A unique concept for sleeping arrangements is to set up tents with air mattresses outside in the backyard. Children can stay with interested adults or in tents. Children should only use tents with their parents’ permission and must always be protected from wild animals.

For the convenience of your guests, you should also supply lighting and other accessories like a portable TV. To ensure a peaceful night’s sleep, you can also decide to provide sleeping bags and other goods for guests to bring into the tents.

The most common tents on the market are dome tents. Although the designs have been improved, they still only offer a little porch area. Although dome tents come in a variety of sizes, it is preferable to stick with a maximum of 4 guests to keep costs down and make setup simple.

Large families or guests should use tunnel tents since they offer lots of headroom and roomy, livable area. Compared to dome tents, tunnel tents are more resilient to inclement weather.

Typically, nylon top covers, canvas rainfly, and waterproof polyester are available for cabin tents. made of interlocking aluminum poles that give off a rustic vibe. You can separate parties into smaller groups when using divided rooms, or you can provide one side for gear storage and the other for sleeping accommodations.

Air Mattresses

An air mattress on the floor is a smart solution to accommodate extra guests because it is simple to put up and maintain. The bed can be quickly assembled and placed on the ground. By using air mattresses, you can increase your sleeping area and store the deflated mattresses throughout the day.

A Raised Air Mattress that is thicker than 10 inches gives sleepers extra support. It is high enough to feel like regular mattresses and is suitable for elderly guests.

Self-inflating mattresses can be inflated and deflated with the push of a button, eliminating the need for physical pumping. They cost more but are simpler to set up and have internal pumps. 

Murphy Beds

Murphy twin beds are a unique and entertaining way to sleep. Purchase horizontal beds that slide into the wall as an alternative to the standard Murphy bed. They resemble bunk beds when they are unfolded, but when not in use, they may be stored efficiently. While Murphy beds are infamous for having uncomfortable mattresses, you may provide luxury sleeping for your guests while also giving your Murphy bed additional space when not in use.

Unlike placing a full mattress in the wall, the Chest Cabinet Bed has a foldable mattress that is stored in a cupboard or cabinet. They are more compact and resemble standard home furnishings.

Similar to vertical Murphy beds, horizontal Murphy beds are mounted sideways on the wall. They are more convenient to access and ideal for smaller settings.

Sleeper Sofas

A sleeper sofa can be used in place of a reading table or an armchair in large master bedrooms. An adult should be able to sleep comfortably on the sleeper sofa. However, it can also accommodate kids who are taking a trip with their parents. To accommodate huge parties at your Airbnb, you may even decide to add sleeper sofas around the house, depending on their size.

Without taking off the cushions or adding an additional mattress, Sofa Beds have a down-folding sofa that converts to a bed. This sturdy bed is space-efficient and safe.

A handle of a pull-out couch is flipped to reveal a whole mattress inside. They do, however, occupy a larger space on the market than other brands.

Chair Beds

Chair beds are practical and can blend in well with the interior design of your Airbnb. They operate on the same principles as couch beds. It can also be moved around the living room simply, and many chair beds can be used.

Excellent comfort and relaxation are offered by an armchair bed, which may accommodate one person. Additionally, it has an extensible footrest that tall guests can’t refuse. Some guests find that watching TV while they sleep is the perfect sleep-out.

The hosts on Airbnb regularly disclose their sleeping arrangements, and guests adore the thought of having the option to sleep with someone else or have some alone time. When you’re on a backpacking trip and your accommodation is in a city rather than in your bedroom, you’ll make do by sleeping on a lumpy couch or someone else’s floor. However, the more opulent Airbnb accommodations offer a small amount of luxury for a fair price.

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