10 Similarities of the Top-Rated Airbnb Stays

A subpar Airbnb will live up to visitors’ expectations, while a highly rated Airbnb will exceed them. Here are ten characteristics of top-rated Airbnb stays.

1. The Residence

Some visitors will be thrilled to stay in the extra room in your home. The best reviews are given by visitors who rent out a full property, such as an entire house or apartment. Your tenants will value their freedom and confidentiality.

2. Location

Even if your house is exceptional and fits all the criteria given below, it will still not receive a top rating if it is situated in an undesirable area. Reviews like, “The apartment was awesome and Maria was a wonderful host however:

  • There was a loud nightclub downstairs.
  • The beach was far from the apartment.
  • There were no activities to do in the area.

3. Terrific Publicity

Your Airbnb profile is the first thing a guest sees. The best course of action would be to be truthful and honest in your advertising, therefore pictures of your property should be clear and unaltered.

4. Good Customer Service

You should be welcoming and open when you, or someone acting on your behalf, greets a new visitor. Be prepared to provide advice and respond to queries. Customers will be more inclined to rate you favorably for your service if they are aware that they may contact you for assistance.

You might want to provide your guests with a welcome package that includes snacks and beverages so they can make themselves at home while unloading. Make sure you have access to local information, such as maps, brochures, and a list of eateries nearby.

5. Hygiene

New visitors will anticipate that your property will be immaculate when they come. Nothing should be damaged, and there shouldn’t be any signs of prior guests.

You may certainly clean your own property. Although it will take time, the method will enable you to save money. You might discover that instead of cleaning the bathtub at this time, you could focus on growing your company. To complete this task, you might decide to employ a cleaning service. Three choices may be provided by cleaning services:

Turnover cleaning. After the final guest leaves, the staff will get the place ready for the next guest.

In-stay cleaning. While your guests are staying with you, these cleaners will cleanse your home; you can charge your guests more to assist the cleaners get paid.

Deep cleaning. Such a procedure will cost the most because it involves a comprehensive makeover of your property.

6. Well-Equipped

Everything a guest might anticipate finding on a site should be present. Create a list of these things and check that they are all present and correct after a visitor leaves. You’ll find that your six-piece wine glass set is now down to only five. Get more or change your list, as appropriate. Don’t forget to keep supplies like additional blankets and card games on hand.

7. Anticipation

The needs of a guest are anticipated by a good host. For instance, a family has reserved your beachfront apartment. If the weather is bad, you may give them a call and suggest some indoor activities for the kids. As soon as you meet your guests, you’ll have a sense of who they are. Some people will prefer privacy, while others might appreciate further assistance.

8. Uncluttered

Don’t leave too many personal items lying around your property. Keeping pictures of your family or friends about your flat is not a smart idea. Visitors may feel as though they are invading your personal space. It’s important to provide a neutral, hospitable setting.

9. Responding Quickly

There are issues every time. You might need to address the issue right away if someone phones you at three in the morning to inform you that the bathroom is clogged. It is imperative to respond to all inquiries, no matter how small, as soon as possible. They don’t want to wait two days if they request new towels from you.

In the odd event that a guest has a problem, resolve it right away. Even if you believe the criticism to be unfair, you should nonetheless respond to it right away. Providing prompt service will guarantee that you get good reviews and stay in business.

10. Internet Access and Workspace

People expect to be able to connect, thus your establishment needs to provide strong Wi-Fi. In addition to enabling your visitors to check their Instagram feeds, a fast Internet connection also gives them the option of working from home. One of your visitors could want to work while the others have fun.

If you have the room, you may set up a tiny desk in a calm area. An internet connection is required even though you shouldn’t be required to supply a computer (although it could be a good idea to keep a spare laptop on hand). Set up a notepad, pen, and perhaps an ergonomic chair at your workstation.

A successful business needs effective management; a top-rated Airbnb doesn’t run itself. Control, foresight, and dealing with people are all characteristics of good managers.

Positive feedback can inspire you to work even harder as an Airbnb host because your business depends on continuously obtaining stellar evaluations. It’s an excellent idea to solicit feedback from all of your visitors, both positive and negative. then, it’s up to you.

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