Why Switch to a Smart Lock for your Vacation Rental?

What Does a Smart Lock for a Vacation Home Do?

Using authorized authentication, such as a code, a smart lock is an electromechanical (electronic and mechanical) locking device that enables wireless door opening.  A smart lock enables a homeowner or property management to provide guests entry to the building without using a traditional key. Property managers issue guests a virtual key that allows entry for a predetermined amount of time. 

Advantages of Smart Locks

1. No More Keys

You and your guests won’t need to keep track of keys or be concerned about losing them because smart locks do away with the conventional key.

2. Save Time

Smart locks make it unnecessary for you to be present on-site for check-ins and check-outs, saving you time that could be better spent expanding your vacation rental business. Also, it saves guests the time they would normally waste waiting for things like their key.

3. Provide Guests Privacy

When guests arrive at their location of reservation, they are frequently exhausted and just want to get to their holiday rental quickly and easily. Guests can enter their leased space privately and quickly unwind thanks to smart locks.

4. Monitor Access

Smart locks record access, enabling building managers to keep track of how often a particular door is used. Strange behavior could be a sign of undesirable guests creating a party in your holiday home or of unlawful activity. You can also keep track of when your crew, including your cleaners, enters and exits the building.

5. Extra Security

When used appropriately, smart locks can add an extra degree of security because guests can’t duplicate a physical key that they could use, for instance, to enter your house later. Some smart locks even snap pictures.

6. OTA Integration

Certain smart locks can integrate directly with the calendars used by Airbnb listings, which will make it even simpler for you and your guests to manage their stay.

7. A Smart Home

The smart home is thought to include smart locks. The smart lock will be a useful addition if your vacation rental has smart home technology already installed, such as smart thermostats and noise-monitoring equipment.

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