Travel Tips to Make Your Holiday Season Less Stressful

Check out that flash on your neighbor’s roof. Can you detect the faint sound of distant sleigh bells ringing and the pungent aroma of pine filling the air? Yes, my dear reader, the holidays are quickly approaching, which means it’s time for you to start organizing all of your travel arrangements. Traveling over the holidays can undoubtedly be a lot of fun. After all, it typically indicates that you are leaving to visit your loved ones or are traveling to your ideal holiday spot to round up the year in style. Millions of other people are also traveling, which can be stressful in airports, railway stations, and on the road. But have no worry; we are here to assist. Here are 15 holiday travel suggestions to help you have a happier season.

Plan Ahead and Set Price Alerts for Your Flights

If you’re planning to travel by air over the holidays, you’d better get moving because it’s likely that ticket costs will continue to rise. The best time to book flights for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays is typically early September. But are we actually living in typical times right now? Still, making a reservation as soon as possible is a good idea. If you’re still unsure about whether or not now is the correct moment to buy, try setting up price alerts on websites like Skyscanner and then clicking “buy” when the price is appropriate for you.

Don’t forget to Reserve Your Rental Vehicle in Advance

Prices for car rentals are also steadily rising. As a limited resource, cars are in high demand over the holidays. In fact, Kayak reported that holiday vehicle rental inquiries were up 243% from 2020 to September 2021, so it’s only logical to assume that people are already looking for (and making reservations for) Thanksgiving and Christmas right now. Be sure to seize your required vehicle before it is lost.

Dates Should be Flexible 

It might be really beneficial to be a little flexible with your holiday plans. As you have a bit more freedom to choose a less busy day to fly, being able to depart for your trip a day or two earlier and return a day early or late could help you save significantly on airfare. Another approach to reduce the expense of traveling by air –  choosing a local minor airport over a major hub. Consider flying into Van Nuys or Long Beach Airport instead of Los Angeles International Airport, for instance. Prices are typically lower at smaller airports since there is less demand.

Take Into Account Less Popular Locations

You can’t change where someone lives when you’re visiting family or friends, so disregard this advice. However, if you’re considering taking a trip, consider enlarging your horizons. Looking for some fun in the sun over the holidays? Try leaving town for slightly less crowds and perhaps more economical options rather than traveling to well-known popular locations like Cabo. For instance, you may travel to Todos Santos, which is also seductive and is only an hour away from Cabo. There, you’ll discover a more relaxed pace in a town with a more bohemian vibe, as well as several affordable vacation rental options for you and your group, including this stunning two-bedroom home with a private pool for only $181 per night.

Register for Points

The holidays are the perfect time to redeem the credit card points you’ve been accumulating all year. And we’re confident that you have points waiting since, as a startling Lending Tree study revealed, an astounding 70% of American owners of rewards credit cards have unredeemed cash back, points, or miles. Those points are yours. Utilize them right away to reduce the pinch this year on your holiday travel expenses.

Aim to Purchase Direct Flights

We’re approaching winter, which means we’re also approaching an erratic season that may bring delays and snowstorms. To decrease your chances of missing a connection along the route, try to always book direct flights. You can also choose to take a train or bus instead of an aircraft if you’re close enough to your destination.

Go all Out for Lounge Access

Airports can be among the places that cause the most tension, as we’ve already noted several times on this page. Although you should be at the airport at least two hours before takeoff, plan on having some additional time to wait. Use this as an excuse to spend more on lounge access rather than attempting to secure a seat among the mob. Usually, first-class flights offer access to a lounge. However, passengers in economy can upgrade to get access to the lounge for a fee, or they can check their credit card to see if it already has this benefit. 

Only Bring Carry-on Luggage if You Can

Simply said, losing a checked bag is terrible. Consider the possibility of losing a checked suitcase containing all the gifts you painstakingly bought for your nieces, nephews, uncles, grandparents, and others. If you can manage without a few things, it’s a good idea to only bring a carry-on to lessen the likelihood that you’ll misplace anything. 

Be Careful when Wrapping Presents

Leave gifts that you are bringing on vacation unwrapped. The TSA will be required to unwrap your gift at security if it raises any concerns for whatever reason, destroying all your hard work. Alternatively, you might completely eliminate this bother by delivering your gifts in advance.

A Backup Strategy Should be in Place

Murphy’s Law applies. Everything that may go wrong already has. For your holiday planning, it is wise to keep backups of your backups. Starting with choosing to purchase travel insurance. You can acquire travel insurance directly from suppliers or through airlines. Find the option that best suits your requirements from “cancel for any reason” insurance to conventional options that cover everything from canceled flights to misplaced bags. Additionally, confirm that it hasn’t already been added to your purchase with your credit card company. Try to plan a different path to your goal next.

Make Sure to Obtain a Tune-up When You Drive

Driving can be just as difficult as flying during the winter. You not only need to consider the varied weather patterns, but also the fact that millions of other people are also driving. Before you go, be sure to get a quick tune-up, and while traveling, try to stay away from these additional 10 road trip blunders.

Utilize Each and Every App

What’s wonderful about existing in the twenty-first century? All the apps. Use all of the apps on your phone this holiday season, including the ones for your airline, your preferred streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc.), and navigational apps to stay on course. To be prepared for anything and to keep engaged even on lengthy journeys, download movies, store your flight information in your phone’s wallet, and carry directions close at hand.

Verify the Opening Times for the Attractions at Your Location

There are others on vacation with you. Likewise, those who work in hospitality and attractions. Take note of holiday hours before departing for your must-visit locations. Businesses frequently have shorter hours or close on certain days to allow employees to spend time with their families.

Reserve a Table at Each Restaurant you Intend to Visit

You must make advance plans for the holiday season, as we have already stated and will do so again. It also holds true for restaurants. Have a place you can’t wait to visit? As soon as they open, make reservations for the Christmas season to ensure you have a seat at a table.

Prepare Yourself to Combat Stress and Enjoy Instead

All that planning ought to keep you at ease during the Christmas season. Consider downloading a couple meditation apps to use on your trip if you need a little help unwinding. By doing this, you may manage your tension and worry and concentrate on maintaining a happy attitude for your family, yourself, and the other travelers who are merely trying to reach their destinations.

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