Tips for Low-Maintenance Landscaping for Vacation Homes

It’s not just nice to look at lush yards and gardens. They’re beneficial for business, too.

For your rental property, here are some low-maintenance landscaping tips that might cut expenses and increase your return.

1. Replace grass with synthetic turf

It may seem natural to choose lush green grass for landscaping. But think about how much time and money it takes to water, edge, mow, weed, fertilize, and aerate it on a regular basis. Installing artificial grass is a better option.

Your landscaping upkeep will be drastically reduced by synthetic turf, and you won’t even need to water your grass anymore. Better still? Artificial grass will stay vibrant and welcoming to your guests all year long and won’t turn brown or die from constant use.

2. Plant what’s native to the area

Local plants and trees organically flourish there and require little upkeep. Therefore, no additional fertilizers, pesticides, or irrigation is required. Since native plants can naturally live on their own, this alone can drastically reduce the amount of labor you have to put into the landscaping of your vacation rental.

While it’s nearly impossible to produce a landscape that requires no maintenance, planting local plants mostly needs occasional trimming to keep them in peak condition.

3. Install walking paths

Walkways built of paving stones, bricks, or gravel are examples of hardscape walkways that can be advantageous to both your landscape and visitors. What they can do is:

  • Help guide guests to the safest areas of your garden and yard.
  • Conserve water by removing landscape that would otherwise need to be maintained.
  • Reduces weed growth
  • Protect other areas of your landscape from guests’ foot traffic.
  • Boost curb appeal

4. Build a deck or patio

Outdoor living areas are a major selling point for guests and a great way to increase bookings all year round. Decks and patios provide a purpose without requiring a lot of maintenance or watering, much like concrete walking paths. They are also a clever solution to cover bare yards or parched lawns while simultaneously improving curb appeal.

You may concentrate on furnishing the area for relaxing, dining, and entertaining rather than on pruning, weeding, and watering. Choose furniture and accessories that require minimal maintenance.

5. Add solar lighting

Landscape lighting may assist guests find their way around your home at night and improve the aesthetics of your yard in addition to setting the mood.

The least amount of maintenance is needed for solar lights. Put them somewhere that will provide ample direct sunshine. No complicated installation, electricity, or wiring are required. Simply keep the solar panel and globe clean all year long to maintain.

6. Install an automatic irrigation system

Installing a self-sustainable irrigation system is the greatest approach to save water and money if your plants and trees do need regular watering. When you don’t live nearby to your vacation property, this is extremely helpful.

7. Pile on the mulch

Mulch is a key ingredient in low-maintenance landscaping. It is mostly composed of any material, including wood chips, shredded leaves, small stones, and broken lava rock, that can be used to cover the soil. What it can do is as follows:

  • Naturally enriches the soil with nutrients
  • During hot days, keeps soil cool and keeps its moisture.
  • Decreases your water bill because of the soil’s long-lasting moisture Retention due to the exceptional absorbency of the material.
  • Reduces the need for weeding
  • Shields roots from damage caused by frost

8. Forego the water features

Some of the most beautiful and soothing garden elements you can purchase are waterfalls and fountains. They also come with significant utility bills, too. You will constantly be charged for the water and electricity that water features require to function. Not to mention the water you will inevitably lose due to evaporation and the ongoing cleaning, pump upkeep, and maintenance they will need.

The outside of your vacation rental is just as crucial as the inside amenities, whether it’s adding welcoming outside lighting or finding better options to replace your parched lawn. Utilize these suggestions to keep your landscaping expenditures low and your return on investment high.

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