Removing Negative Airbnb Reviews

The success of any host’s Airbnb company depends on reviews. Before making a reservation at an Airbnb property, most of us often check reviews, which should aid in our decision-making. And regardless of how hard a host tries to appease a guest, anticipate the possibility that they may still leave a negative review that is completely unfair, driven by rage, or even feels mislead. We all have experience hosting guests and can relate.

But it goes without saying that a negative review on your Airbnb listing will reduce the number of bookings you receive. Fortunately, even though it could be challenging, there are things you can do to prevent posting a critical review that might be taken down.

Can you Delete an Airbnb Review?

There is no hope of erasing a negative review if there are no specifics regarding what might have gone wrong or who might have been at fault. Airbnb does not permit hosts to remove adverse or critical guest reviews.

The removal of a review from Airbnb may be requested by the host. But bear in mind that this will not happen unless the review issue violates Airbnb’s review guidelines. In addition, the host has 30 days to respond to the review, stating their viewpoint or opinion and, if the review is inaccurate, cautioning future guests.

The removal of retaliatory reviews, which Airbnb also announced last year, implies that guests who blatantly break policies like:

  • overstaying
  • damage to property
  • violating house rules
  • unauthorized events 

The removal of a review is not assured, but Airbnb may request proof, such as images or chat threads with guests, that shows a serious violation of a guideline as well as how your enforcement of a rule culminated in the retaliatory review.

What Can I Do to Remove a Bad Review?

If the review violates Airbnb policy, it must also take care of one or more of the issues listed below for the review to be removed.

1. Guest Extorting the Host

A host occasionally must tolerate unfavorable comments from guests. But, if a guest threatens to leave unfavorable reviews or requests a discount in return for positive ratings, the owner should not have any trouble convincing Airbnb to remove the review as long as they can produce proof.

2. Contains Sensitive Information

Reviews that contain identifying details about the host or the venue, such as the host’s name, contact details, or address, or any other hints to such details, may be deleted.

3. The Guest Never Arrived

If the host can show Airbnb that a reviewer never visited the property and instead reserved it for someone else, they may be able to get the review removed. However, keep in mind that proving this can be challenging.

4. Mentions a Case from the Airbnb Resolution Center

This review may be deleted if the guest proposes or even asks a refund and mentions that an Airbnb investigation is currently taking place.

5. It is Clearly False

It’s possible to find the majority of negative reviews here, but it’s also the most difficult to defend. If the owner can establish beyond a reasonable doubt that the guest is dishonest, Airbnb could be able to take the review down. However, bear in mind that the Airbnb case manager makes the final choice. Therefore be sure to extend extra courtesy to him or her.

6. Talks about their Social, Political, or Religious Convictions

It’s straightforward for hosts to ask Airbnb to take down any guest reviews that attack someone’s morals or political beliefs from the website.

7. Events that are Entirely Beyond the Host’s Control 

Bad reviews left by guests that are not the fault of the Airbnb host, such as those criticizing a flight, a restaurant, etc., might be taken down following mediation with Airbnb because these incidents are usually unrelated and shouldn’t serve as the basis for a bad review.

How Can You Request the Removal of a False Airbnb Review?

Although a review on Airbnb cannot be changed, the host can always get in touch with the company to have false or inaccurate reviews about their property removed. Keep in mind that for the review to be taken down from the website, it must be in violation of Airbnb’s review policy.

Here are some easy procedures you may take to request the removal of bogus Airbnb reviews:

Step 1: Visit your Airbnb profile after logging in Step 2: Scroll down to the “Help” section Step 3: Click “Report a New Problem” under “Contact Us” to get in touch with us. Step 4: You’ll see a section where you may provide a thorough argument for why the review should be removed.

What Happens If Your Request to Delete A Bad Review On Airbnb Is Rejected?

Sadly, let’s say your request to remove an Airbnb review is turned down. Then it is unquestionably the end of the line, even though you have generally called customer service at least twice and voiced your concerns.

But, regardless of the causes leading to the negative evaluations, it’s crucial to manage them proactively by giving them a positive spin and publicly reacting.

When responding to a negative review, the following factors should be considered:

Keep your Composure

Many hosts feel defensive when given comments and take it personally, which manifests in their responses rather than keeping a professional demeanor. It’s imperative to keep in mind that a negative evaluation does not necessarily reflect your character.

Take some time carefully reading and examining a bad review so you may take away some valuable lessons and improve as a host. Also, concentrate on what you can do to receive a 5-star review rather than what went wrong.

Talk About the Issue

Most negative reviews often attribute their displeasure to a simple misunderstanding. After that, it is advisable for hosts to contact the guest and inquire as to what went wrong. Don’t forget to express gratitude for their input and assure them that you will take their suggestions into account.

Also, doing this will produce a tone that is both professional and personal. So don’t count on the customer to take the review down; it’s not a given. Instead, take this as a chance to consider how to make the experience better for future guests and identify any points where, for instance, guests might be interpreting your Airbnb listing incorrectly.

Accept your Fault

When you believe something could have been done more effectively on your end, admit mistakes with an open heart.

Convey your Apologies

The guiding principle of the hospitality industry, “Customers are always right,” also holds true for managing an Airbnb business. Because of this, you should always sincerely apologize to the customer for their negative experience, even if you believe their review was unfair.

More essential, show that you are aware of the issue and thoroughly get it from their perspective rather than entirely ignoring reviews.

Practice Professionalism

Know that your comments to the guest as well as the reviews are final. Ergo, regardless what the unfavorable review is about, it is imperative to always be respectful and avoid having an explosion of rage be the reason it spirals out of hand.

Remember that no one wants to stay with a host who is nasty. Yet, being rude will only result in more negative reviews, tarnish your professional reputation, and turn off future customers. Aim to mention any advantages in your response as soon as possible.

Describe the Issue and your Efforts to Address It

Keep in mind that online reviews are irreversible, and prospective customers are especially interested in reading about your apologies, the way the problem was resolved, and how the problem was handled.

Be aware that a negative review is not necessarily the end of the world. No matter what the review says, respond favorably and utilize it to your advantage. Also, every time you have guests, take advantage of the chance to practice your hospitality abilities and provide superior service and an unforgettable experience.

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