How to Handle Negative Airbnb Reviews

Have you ever had a bad Airbnb review? Knowing how to respond to unfavorable reviews in a professional and helpful way is crucial because it’s never pleasant to hear criticism of something you’ve worked very hard to create. A host’s overall rating can be significantly impacted by negative reviews, which may also discourage potential guests from reserving their listing.

We’ll look at some advice on how to handle unfavorable reviews on Airbnb and use them as a springboard for improvement and host development in this article. Who knows, you might have returning customers who will give you a good rating the following time.

The Top 5 Reasons Why Guests Write Bad Reviews

When choosing where to stay as a traveler, reading reviews is an essential step in the selection process. But have you ever questioned why a guest would leave a bad review? Here are the top 5 explanations for why customers give negative reviews.

Poor customer service

Poor customer service is one of the main causes of unfavorable ratings from guests. This can include excessive wait times for check-in or check-out as well as unfriendly and unhelpful employees. Guests anticipate receiving courteous service and having their needs and concerns promptly attended to. Poor customer service can have an adverse effect that lasts a long time.

Dirty or poorly maintained vacation rentals

Nobody wants to stay at a dirty or neglected place. The cleanliness and comfort of the accommodations are expected by the guests. This covers every aspect, from spotless sheets and towels to properly cared-for furniture and equipment. Negative reviews can result when a guest finds their accommodations to be unclean or in poor condition.

Expectations not met

When guests reserve lodgings, they have specific expectations, and if those expectations are not satisfied, it may cause dissatisfaction and a poor review. This might range from a dearth of amenities to incorrect web descriptions or images. Customers are more likely to submit bad reviews when they feel deceived or when their expectations are not met.

Noise and disruptions

When there are loud noises or other distractions, it can be challenging for guests to enjoy the rest and relaxation they expect when traveling. A bad rating can result from noisy neighbors or a building site next door.

Safety concerns

Finally, poor ratings may result from safety issues. Guests anticipate a secure and safe environment at their accommodations. This covers every aspect, from functional locks on windows and doors to adequate illumination in corridors and parking spaces. There are many different reasons why customers write bad reviews. It’s imperative to address these issues as a host or property owner and make an effort to give guests a satisfying experience.

Best Practices in Responding to Bad Reviews from Guests

It’s necessary to keep in mind that how you respond to bad reviews on Airbnb can significantly affect how prospective guests regard you and your rental. Here are some pointers for coming up with a considerate and impactful response:

Don’t Take It Personally

When you get a bad review, it’s normal to feel defensive and angry, but it’s important to keep in mind that the customer isn’t picking on you specifically. Guests are merely sharing their views. Inhale deeply, take a step back, and try to view the review objectively.

Address the Issue

Dealing with the issue brought up by the guest is the first step in reacting to a poor review. If the problem is something you can resolve, like a broken appliance or a sanitary problem, express your regret for the inconvenience and promise the guest that you will take the necessary action. In addition to demonstrating your concern for the guest’s experience, you are also demonstrating to possible potential guests that you are proactive in resolving any difficulties that may arise.

Be Professional

Be respectful and professional while replying to negative reviews. Avoid defending yourself verbally or physically against the guest. Instead, thank them for their input and let them know that you are concerned about how they are feeling. Keep in mind that potential guests will read your response, therefore it’s critical to establish your professionalism and dependability as a host.

Provide Context

Describe the circumstances if the negative review is due to something that is beyond your control, such as noisy neighbors or terrible weather. Tell the guest that you sympathize with their frustration and that you tried your best to make things right. Giving background information demonstrates to the guest your understanding of their experience and can help allay any worries that potential future guests may have.


It’s extremely important to apologize for the guest’s experience, even if you weren’t totally to blame for the unfavorable review. The act of apologizing demonstrates to the guest your value for their feedback and your willingness to accept responsibility for any errors. Additionally, it demonstrates to potential new guests your concern for their stay and willingness to go above and beyond to make it delightful.

Offer a Solution

Offer the guest a resolution to the problem they encountered, if at all possible. This could take the form of a reimbursement for their current stay, a discount on a future stay, or any other action that demonstrates your appreciation for the visitor’s time. By giving a solution, you demonstrate to current and new customers alike that you are dedicated to provide outstanding service, as well as to the guest that you are eager to set things right.

Follow Up

Follow up with the guest to make sure the issue has been rectified to their satisfaction after replying to the poor review. By doing this, you can foster a relationship with the guest and demonstrate your concern for their needs. You can also invite the guest to edit their review to reflect the resolution if they reply favorably to your follow-up.

Learn from the Experience

The incident should be used as a springboard for growth and advancement, thus it’s vital to take something positive away from it. Consider the guest’s suggestions and alter your listing or hosting approach accordingly. This not only demonstrates your dedication to giving them the finest experience possible.

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