How to Give Your Airbnb Some Local Flare

Leisure is among the top reasons for which people reserve Airbnbs. In such cases, the location where they reserve their Airbnb has a thriving local culture that initially drew them there. In short, they are tourists. 

Most of the time, guests will reserve an Airbnb that is reasonably close to their actual tourist location. If your guest’s intended area of exploration is farther out from your Airbnb town, don’t feel awful about it. There are many benefits to running a location right outside of cities. After a long day, you can provide a calm retreat at affordable rates. But we understand that there are instances when you want your guest to be truly curious about where they are staying rather than just where they are traveling. This is especially true for Airbnbs found in off-the-beaten-path tourist destinations.

This can be your chance to transform your Airbnb into a charming small local cultural nook, packed with all the information tourists might need about your town or city. 

Here are some pointers for adding charming local flare into your Airbnb.

1. Maps and Handouts

If you know your town has a thriving hiking culture, have trail maps on hand. It may seem quaint, but providing maps of the area to guests is a simple way to say, “Hey, this is how you get around my community.” Even pre-made maps and pamphlets describing local eateries, museums, and shops are available in some towns and cities. For these things, get in touch with the visitor center or chamber of commerce in your community. For hosts in their region, they typically have piles of them that they are willing to give away.

You might not have easy access to tourist center-style pamphlets if you reside in a smaller town. Create them on your own when this is the case. You don’t need to print anything fancy, but you should clearly highlight any significant resources that guests can use in your town. Think about including bus stops, routes to important locations like grocery stores, and individual recommendations.

2. Historical Photographs

Historic images of the town or city where they operate may be displayed in larger institutions like banks and grocery stores. Take a cue from them and display some of those old pictures in your Airbnb.

Request photos of buildings or street views of busy streets that are still in use from your historical society by getting in touch with them. This could provide guests with an excuse to tour the city to see the differences between the past and present. These images may be printed on canvas with the necessary authorizations to share the distinctive character of your neighborhood.

3. Trinkets

Find a little miniature that serves as a reminder of one of the admirable or fascinating things your neighborhood is known for. 

Find a couple black bear figurines, for instance, if black bear sightings are common in your area. Place one on the nightstand, one on the bookshelf shelf, and one on the window sill over the kitchen sink.

4. Discount Cards from Local Restaurants

If you can, consider giving your guests a gift card or discount to a nearby café or restaurant. They’ll be inspired to sample a local delicacy and explore the neighborhood. Additionally, it’s a lovely welcome gift that can increase your rating.

5. Flowers from the Local Florist

You’ve probably read that adding some green to the room is a smart method to provide a bright accent if you need to design your Airbnb. Get a centerpiece arrangement from a nearby florist before you start adding succulents and durable house plants. Place cards with a welcome and explanation should be left in front of the bouquet to guide your guests.

6. Highlight Local Sports

Purchase a refrigerator magnet of the team mascot or frame and hang a local jersey if your neighborhood has a baseball or softball team or is well-known for its high school sports teams.

Yes, communal touches don’t have to be overt and audacious. As basic as a magnet can be one of them. Even better, if you know when the season’s games are, post the schedule there on the fridge that’s held there by the magnet!

7. Stock the Pantry 

Living in a more rural region has several benefits, one of which is having access to a wide variety of locally produced goods. For the guests to sample, stock the cupboard with local jams, honey, and other foods.

8. Buy Local

Show off what the local area is capable of to your guests! Like filling the pantry, you can offer guests various locally made furnishings and luxuries. This might be anything from candles to furniture and even soap, lotion, and colorful pottery.

For larger-scale things, you might acquire a table and chairs or hire a local artist to create a unique centerpiece while identifying the maker. In the case guests wish to learn more about the artist’s other works, think about giving them business cards and contact information.

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