Homeowners’ Guide to Renovations for Vacation Rentals

Because Airbnb frequently offers options that are significantly more economical than chain hotels, most vacationers choose it. For instance, you might be able to rent out a complete apartment or house for the same cost as a modest hotel room. The distinctive properties that may be found on Airbnb bring in other travelers. Airbnb rentals come in a wide variety, unlike hotel rooms, which are frequently quite typical. Travelers never know whether they will get to stay in a luxurious treehouse, a Victorian home, or a basic cabin.

This article offers some guidance on how to update a room and make changes to make it more desirable to guests without going over budget, whether you’re a seasoned Airbnb host, hoping to become one, or just starting off with an old property.

Reasons to Renovate your Rental

Wear and Tear

Wear and tear will only increase in frequency when it comes to your vacation rental. It practically goes without saying that guests won’t take the same care with the rental’s furniture and appliances as they do with their own possessions.

Old Fashion Trends

When it comes to decorating rentals, homeowners make the rookie error of trying to keep up with the latest fashion. Though trends shift, some more quickly than others, leaving behind frequently out-of-date, occasionally useless, and expensively priced items.

Finding New Clientele

Making improvements around the property is necessary whether you are hopping on the eco-friendly bandwagon to make your Airbnb eco-friendly, making it pet-friendly to expand your target demographic, or perhaps targeting an entirely new consumer segment.

Getting Ready for a Busy Holiday Season

Christmas and Halloween celebrations also call for a few extra items around the house to help keep the environment current. It takes preparation, whether it’s moving a 6-foot-tall Christmas tree or carving faces into enormous pumpkins.

Suggested Updates You Can Make Right Away

1. Replace the Flooring

Think about removing your carpet and restoring your hardwood floors. Sanding is a significant portion of this project, and sealing it off is the final step. If you want your flooring to be a specific color, you may also stain them. Although refinishing hardwoods can be labor-intensive, it’s not a costly undertaking, and you might be able to do it over the course of a weekend.

There are several excellent flooring solutions that won’t break the bank if you need to install new flooring. To save money, you may always concentrate on the areas that guests will utilize and only repair the flooring in those areas. Think about purchasing discounted wood laminate flooring or choosing a polished concrete floor.

2. Add More Storage Space

For guests, even something as basic as a few wall hooks, a shoe rack by the door, or some unoccupied closet space may make a big impact. There should be at least eight vacant hangers available for guests to hang their clothing on, according to Airbnb. Whatever you decide to do, improving your home’s storage might be an affordable project that you might be able to complete in just one day. Make every effort to make the most of your Airbnb’s space.

3. Painting your Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen in your house may be a deciding factor for guests, particularly if you intend to rent it out for extended visits. After all, having access to a kitchen is one of the benefits that guests of an Airbnb have over those of a standard hotel. But what if your kitchen needs a makeover and appears dated? The return on investment (ROI) that homeowners can anticipate from kitchen remodels is well-known. You might be shocked to learn that simple kitchen renovations provide a far higher return on investment than bigger ones.

This implies that you can renovate your kitchen without blowing your budget and yet get fantastic results. Painting your current cabinets and, if necessary, replacing the hardware is a terrific way to achieve this. If you have a little more money to spend, think about installing glass cabinet doors on a few of your cabinets. Add crown molding to the top of the cabinets for a classy finishing touch as another fantastic option to update cabinets.

4. Add a Coffee Nook

Even in a small kitchen, you may set out a space for a coffee cart or corner shelf that includes a conventional coffee maker, a French press, a grinder, and a jar of freshly ground coffee. Your beautiful coffee nook will be complete once you add a small table and two seats or stools. Prepare for the influx of coffee enthusiasts by highlighting this region in photos.

5. Add a Coat of Paint to your Walls

It’s incredible the difference new paint can make for your house. A relatively inexpensive approach to liven up a space and make things stand out is to paint it. Keep an eye out for a paint rebate deal from well-known paint companies or home improvement retailers to keep it as low as feasible. Remember that white is always a good choice if you’re unsure of what color will look best on your walls. The current trending neutral “greige,” which is a blend of gray and beige, is also excellent.

6. Design an Accent Wall

Here are a few low-cost methods for building an accent wall:

Paint: Choose a striking color for your accent wall, such as blue, orange, or lime green. Look into the hottest hues now by doing some study. You might also choose to add a hue that stands out in the room’s design.

Decal: Every simple wall can become an artistic creation with the use of a wall decal. Decals are a remarkably simple and reasonably priced way to decorate a wall. They come in rolls or sheets and are meant to quickly peel and stick.

Wallpaper: Although it may seem like wallpaper is a thing of the past, an accent wall with contemporary pattern wallpaper may appear quite stylish. If your home has a more rustic or vintage atmosphere, traditional-style wallpaper is a terrific option.

Wood: Covering a wall in wood planking produces a lovely appearance that fits in perfectly in every setting, from an industrial or ultramodern room to a shabby-chic farmhouse. Be sure to check for any free or reasonably priced used wood you may salvage before visiting a hardware shop for lumber.

7. Bathroom Tile Update

A picture of a stunning, modern bathroom will instantly conjure up images of guests bathing and getting dressed in an opulent, soothing setting. It’s unfortunately practically difficult to make your bathroom look modern if the walls are covered in tile from decades ago. Your outdated bathroom can be transformed into a more modern and elegant space that guests will adore by swapping out that pink or floral-print tiling.

8. Updating the Lighting

Pay close attention to how the eating and kitchen spaces are lit. Although they can appear magnificent, ultramodern, and upmarket light fixtures can occasionally be very expensive. Buy straight from the manufacturer to save money by cutting out the middlemen. Moreover, you can seek for vintage light fixtures at your neighborhood flea market and upcycle them to create a truly one-of-a-kind item. Adding a ceiling medallion around existing light fixtures is a terrific way to freshen them up. These molded medallions, which are available in many different styles

9. Replacing the Decor

If a more extensive remodeling seems intimidating, keep in mind that you may give a space a fantastic new look by merely replacing the décor. By selecting a theme or certain style to adhere to, you may tie the appearance of a room together. You can add a few important pieces to the room to make it cozier and appear more polished, whether you want to go minimalist, classic, or bohemian., are guaranteed to add some elegance to a room.

10. Install Crown Molding

Crown molding is a great way to update the room. Homemade polyurethane crown molding is the ideal architectural accent to give any space a finished, upscale appearance. Some people might be put off by this job because they believe it to be too expensive or challenging for a do-it-yourself effort.

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