Handling Discount Requests from Airbnb Guests

You’ve likely encountered guests asking for discounts at some point. It’s a common scenario, and it can be a delicate situation to navigate. In this blog, we’ll share some valuable tips on how to handle such requests with grace and professionalism.

Understanding the Guest’s Perspective

Before we dive into the strategies, it’s crucial to empathize with your guests. Many of them are looking for ways to save money while enjoying their stay. Some may have valid reasons, such as longer stays or off-peak seasons. Recognizing this helps create a more positive interaction.

Set Clear Pricing Policies

Establishing clear pricing policies from the start can deter some guests from asking for discounts. Ensure your Airbnb listing includes details about any discounts you already offer, such as weekly or monthly rates. This way, potential guests are aware of your terms upfront.

Polite Communication

When a guest requests a discount, respond promptly and professionally. Express your gratitude for their interest and acknowledge their request. Use friendly and polite language throughout your communication.

Evaluate the Request

Consider the guest’s request thoughtfully. If their stay aligns with your existing discounts or if they’re booking for an extended period, you may be open to negotiation. Remember, it’s okay to decline if the request doesn’t meet your criteria.

Offer Alternatives

If you can’t offer a monetary discount, think about other ways to enhance the guest’s experience. You might provide a complimentary upgrade, a special welcome package, or flexible check-in/check-out times.

Personalize Your Response

Tailor your response to each guest’s specific situation. Address their concerns and explain your decision politely. Being transparent about your pricing structure can help guests understand your position.

Highlight Value

Emphasize the value of your Airbnb listing. Share positive reviews from previous guests, mention unique amenities, and highlight the excellent location or additional services you provide. This can help guests see the worth of their investment.

Stay Consistent

Maintain consistency in your pricing and discount policies. Treating all guests fairly helps you build a good reputation and avoid misunderstandings.


Handling discount requests from Airbnb guests requires tact, empathy, and clear communication. By understanding their perspective, setting clear policies, and responding politely, you can navigate these situations effectively. Remember, every interaction is an opportunity to create a positive guest experience and build a stellar reputation as a host.

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