Emergency Supplies for Your Airbnb

Provide emergency supplies as a kind host to keep your visitors secure during severe weather events including hurricanes, tornadoes, hailstorms, and snowstorms.

In order to keep everyone safe, we have gathered nine emergency supplies to keep on hand for Airbnb extended stays.

1. Medical Kit

The lives of your visitors may be at jeopardy if there is an emergency. An emergency pack can help you manage the issue before aid arrives, from wildfire burns to injuries from tornado debris. Pain relievers, antibiotics, bandages, adhesive tape, gauze pads, cold compresses, scissors, tweezers, and emergency gloves should all be included in a first aid kit. 

Choose a first aid kit that fits your needs and is within your means and is designed for the usual calamities in your region. For any emergency at home, this First Aid Only emergency kit is ideal. It is portable and has everything needed for treatments while on the go.

2. Lantern

Power outages can result from natural disasters. You don’t want to put your visitors’ life in jeopardy as they cautiously make their way through the dark in a strange house. Purchase a reliable lamp with two batteries. It cannot start flames, making it safer than a candle. 

3. Bottled Water and Water Bag

Some catastrophes can cause municipal water service to be interrupted, leaving your home’s faucets dry. Providing clean, safe drinking water is the least you can do if your guests are stranded in an emergency for several days. 

Shop for a water bag that can contain enough water for the number of people you are hosting because each guest needs one gallon of water each day. You may also give each visitor their own water bottle.

4. Emergency Horn

Your visitors could find it difficult to shout for help if your rental home is located in a remote area, such as a beach house or a camping lodge, because there is no one around for miles. In addition, hurricanes and tornadoes can become deafening, and a whistle can be the only method to signal for assistance. Purchase a very loud whistle that can be heard over the noise and events surrounding a natural disaster.

5. Hand Crank Radio

It can be depressing if your guests are trapped in an emergency and are unaware of what is occurring in the outside world in a time when we appear helpless without information from the mainstream and social media. Without energy to recharge, phones can run out of juice, rendering your guests helpless. 

By providing your visitors with hand crank radios like a NOAA emergency weather radio from FosPower, you may prevent this desperate situation. It can receive emergency weather forecasts and news from AM/FM stations and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) up to one second in advance.

6. Emergency Blanket

Are tornadoes, hurricanes, and extremely cold temperatures common in your area? Strong winds and damp weather can be uncomfortable for your guests and, in severe situations, lead to hypothermia. During inclement weather, an emergency or thermal blanket helps cover injured people, decreases heat loss, and generally enhances the guest’s stay. 

Pick a thick thermal blanket that is foldable, windproof, and waterproof. The dual-sided emergency blanket from Swiss Safe is made to military standards and protects against rain, ferocious winds, snow, and dampness. In addition, 90% of your body heat is retained, keeping you comfortable and active.

7. Non-Perishable Food

Natural catastrophes such as hurricanes, hailstorms, and snowstorms can result in power outages and make it challenging for visitors to prepare food. They find it challenging to order takeout or go out to eat because of the inclement weather. For visitors to go days without food due to a natural disaster could be perilous. 

Stocking non-perishable goods like canned fish, dried beans, almonds, dried fruit, and protein bars will demonstrate to your visitors that you have their best interests at heart. The Augason Farms Store emergency food pack contains five different meal options and is simple to prepare. One packet can sustain one person for 72 hours, so to determine how many packs you’ll need, just multiply by the number of guests.

8.  Multifunctional Tools

Purchasing a versatile tool is a wise decision because carrying multiple tools in an emergency can be difficult. Such a gadget can be used for whatever task your guests want to complete in an emergency. Opening a food container, adjusting door hinges, or cutting rope to fasten a tent can all be examples of this.

9. Emergency Ponchos

During hurricanes, tornadoes, hailstorms, and snowstorms, an emergency poncho is useful. With the use of this body covering, visitors can continue their activities while enduring hard rainfall, gusts, and snow. A poncho ought to be lightweight, strong, and waterproof. The Hagon PRO rain poncho is composed of sturdy PE material, is lightweight, portable, and designed to keep guests dry no matter the weather outside.

If there are frequent severe weather events or natural disasters in your location, you should buy emergency supplies to keep your visitors secure and comfortable. Happy visitors are more likely to recommend your rental and make more reservations.

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