Crafting Instagram-Worthy Corners in your Vacation Rental

If you’re looking to take your guest experience to the next level, we’ve got just the trick for you: creating Instagram-worthy corners that will leave your guests snapping and sharing their heart out. Say goodbye to corporate vibes and hello to cozy, unforgettable memories.

1. Find the Perfect Spot

Start by scouting the right corner in your rental. Look for spaces with great lighting and a charming backdrop. It could be a comfy window nook, a chic corner with a view, or even a cozy reading corner by the fireplace. Make sure it reflects the vibe of your rental.

2. Get Creative with Décor

Add a touch of personality to the corner. Incorporate some cozy cushions, funky throws, or vibrant rugs that resonate with your rental’s aesthetic. Think about the colors and textures that will pop in photos and make your guests feel at home.

3. Green Up the Scene

Plants are your best friends here. A potted plant or a hanging terrarium can instantly breathe life into your corner. Not only do they add freshness, but they also bring a touch of nature that’s super photogenic.

4. Little Details Matter

Think about the small things that’ll make your guests go “aww.” A stack of books, a vintage teacup, or a quirky lampshade – these details can turn a corner into a story waiting to be told.

5. Play with Textures

Textures are a secret weapon. Mix and match fabrics like velvet, wool, or silk to create a tactile experience that guests will love to touch and photograph.

6. Lighting Magic

Natural light is your superstar. Position your corner near a window or include some fairy lights that create a cozy ambiance. Proper lighting can make even an ordinary corner look like a fairytale.

7. Frame It Right

Arrange the corner in a way that feels inviting from all angles. Consider where your guests would naturally take photos and set up your corner to be their favorite backdrop.

8. Personalize with Art

Hang some unique artwork or a gallery wall that speaks to the local culture or your rental’s theme. Guests will appreciate the effort and it’s bound to catch their eye – and their camera lens!

Creating an Instagram-worthy corner doesn’t have to be a grand production. Keep it cozy, authentic, and reflective of your rental’s character. By paying attention to the little things, you’ll turn a simple corner into a guest photo hotspot that people can’t help but share. So, go ahead, create those picture-perfect moments that will have your guests swooning and your rental in the spotlight!

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