Best Ideas for Airbnb Interior Design Trends

As more and more Airbnbs become available, travelers are growing pickier and overwhelmed by their options. Remember that you’ll need to set your property out from other vacation rentals and Airbnb-unaffiliated properties the more competition there is for it in a popular tourist region.

How can you make your Airbnb more appealing to guests? The secret to being a successful Airbnb host is to make improvements to the interior of your rental property.

What Interior Design Should I Pick for My Airbnb?

Keep your property’s location in mind                                                         

Your Airbnb’s interior décor must blend with the surroundings. For instance, providing beach towels won’t make sense if your Airbnb is a rustic mountain cabin. Because of this, make sure your decorating style blends in with the neighborhood where the Airbnb is situated.

Decide who your target market is

Keep the needs of your Airbnb guests in consideration while planning the interior design.

Always keep in mind that the layout and furnishings for your Airbnb will depend on the target market you’ve chosen. For example, business travelers will place greater significance on a comfortable workstation desk than would families traveling with pets.

If possible, create a themed vacation rental

According to Airbnb, guests are seeking out unique and interesting lodgings more and more. Given this, why not make your home a themed holiday rental to make a statement?

For instance, you might want to think about choosing a greener theme if your vacation property is adjacent to forests and mountains. So be sure to pick a motif that better fits the neighborhood where your Airbnb is situated.

Look for inspiration and ideas

Fortunately, you won’t have to explore very far or spend a lot of time and money to find the perfect appearance for your vacation rental. Excellent inspiration can be found on websites like Pinterest and Instagram. Interior design and the most recent design trends are covered by a number of Instagram and Pinterest pages. Also, both social networking sites offer users the ability to organize and save content, which is useful, especially when creating mood boards to help you picture the possible design for your short-term rental.

What Are Some Ways to Upgrade Your Interior Design as an Airbnb Host?

Make a story and an experience

Even though many hosts believe it would be a good idea to do so, guests unfortunately do not genuinely desire a generally appealing design.

Guests like Airbnbs with distinguishing features that reveal something about the host’s personality and the location’s history. Consider adding some interesting ceramics or little sculptures to your Airbnb to pique guests’ interest.

However, refrain from exhibiting too many sentimental items, such as family photos, as this could make the visitor feel intrusive and uncomfortable and violate your privacy. Also, this can be dangerous in terms of security.

Make use of striking accents

Use vivid elements to make your Airbnb stand out. There are many tactics to think about, including painting walls and using wallpaper. For instance, painting your front entrance a vibrant blue or red hue might appeal to guests. Most importantly, this strategy is both an accessible and reasonably priced solution that is strikingly original.

Consider painting the window frames or picking a striking color for one of the inside walls if, for example, your Airbnb is a condo and you are unable to paint the front entry.

Adding important pieces of art or lighting fixtures to your space can enhance and modify it, which is a different strategy you might want to consider. Using bright and vibrant elements will increase the amount of listing views regardless of the technique employed.

But, refrain from considering painting your Airbnb entirely white. Despite its gorgeous appearance, it is not the ideal option for holiday rentals because it is costly to maintain and gets discolored easily. Not to mention that it could result in increased cleaning expenses.

Appreciate confined spaces

Even though a bigger place is better, it may not always be the case. The correct furniture can transform a plain room into one that is warm and inviting, enticing visitors to stay a while. For instance, you could turn a small space into a photo booth or a calm reading nook where guests can relax while posing for images that will look excellent on Instagram.

A space may appear smaller if there are too many patterns and visuals present. Keep in mind that you want to avoid having it too crowded and instead create an intimate, cozy feeling. Instead of selecting photos, consider rich color palettes that provide a touch of elegance.

Make use of plants

Since they breathe more life and vitality into the room, adding indoor plants and flowers to your Airbnb makes a big difference. Place a few key locations with low-maintenance plants, such as by the windows, on coffee tables, or even on the kitchen counters.

If you want to give your home a more contemporary air, a floral hanging would also be a fantastic option and is currently fashionable. They could also help add additional depths in addition to providing greenery.

Given that, be aware that some indoor plants may trigger allergies or skin rashes in some people, despite the fact that they are lovely and can improve the atmosphere and air quality.

Provide adequate lighting

Lighting has two purposes: it sets the right mood and helps prevent accidents.

If you want more natural light to get into the space, think about putting a large mirror close to a window. Moreover, contemplate adding hanging lights in your Airbnb for a more noticeable effect. If you’re trying to reach a specific target audience, adding a glass pendant could help you create an atmosphere that stands out.

Avoid limiting yourself in any manner to a single source of light. Instead, use your imagination and try combining several lighting styles by adding accent, task, and overhead lights to offer a variety of options. Not only will this ensure that the appearance is more contemporary and less monotonous.

Beautify your outdoor area

The exterior area is a significant indicator of how efficiently you manage your Airbnb. But, if you are not an experienced gardener, you can consider working with a landscape designer to create a cozy and attractive garden for your Airbnb.

If you really want to go the additional mile, think about investing in a water-resistant outdoor seating area in addition to cultivating low-maintenance, water-smart plants. In the event of an accident, choosing water-resistant outdoor appliances and furniture avoids the need for replacement. The last thing you want is for a table or chair that has rusted to collapse.

Create a welcoming workspace

If most of the guests at your Airbnb are business travelers, a comfy workstation would be essential. Temporary furnishings or furniture made of plastic should be avoided because they are more likely to be damaged.

Remember that location plays a huge role in attracting business travelers and staycationers. They would want to consider tranquil, remote Airbnbs that are not too far away so they won’t lose internet connectivity.

Do You Need to Hire a Professional Interior Designer?

Hiring a qualified interior designer is undoubtedly more expensive. On the other hand, think of it this way: they are aware of and adept at outfitting a rental vacation home for a particular kind of traveler. Also, they have experience making guests more comfortable and boosting the appearance of your property. You’ll save time by doing this, and your nightly fee and occupancy rate will also rise.

Also, sources claim that the hourly pay for interior designers ranges from $50 to $500 depending on their level of experience. If possible, you may decide to pay the interior designer a set rate as opposed to an hourly rate.

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