9 Investments for a Luxurious Airbnb

By spicing up your Airbnb amenities, you can raise the bar for your hosting prowess. With these 9 items, guests will undoubtedly enjoy their stay and are likely to book again.

Fire Pit Table

Your guests may easily and safely enjoy your outside spaces with the help of a portable outdoor propane fireplace. The Hiland fireplace has quick-access controls and a tabletop edge. Your visitors will adore how simple it is to create lasting moments over the campfire while they are there.


The finest kind of holiday is one during which your guests can unwind and daydream outside. We recommend the one manufactured by Y-STOP. It is a sizable and comfortable hammock that can accommodate taller visitors. It is wide and has a safe weight capacity of 240 pounds because it is also referred to as a double hammock. Hammocks are a terrific addition to a high-end Airbnb since they give guests a place to unwind outside in luxury. Everything you need to set up the Y-STOP hammock, including comfort pillows and support chains, is included.

Small Combination Safe

It’s crucial to provide your guests a feeling of security. Your guests can get that from a modest combination safe. Everything your guests may possibly need is provided by this Stalwart Electronic Digital Steel Safe Box. It has an LED keypad and is simple to set up with “guest codes.”

Even though not every visitor will utilize the combination safe, they will be grateful to have the option since they will understand how much you value their security. The digital or biometric Stalwart Electronic Digital Steel Safe Box is available in two different colors. Get a little safe for your opulent Airbnb to be safe.

Fleece Bathrobe

It’s possible that a plush bathrobe comes to mind when you think of opulent hotels. If you want to run a high-end Airbnb, a fleece bathrobe is a great way to impress your guests. The NY Threads soft, fleece bathrobe provides comfort and quality at a reasonable price.

Choose from the available seven colors to suit your taste. You can easily keep these robes immaculate for your guests because they can be machine washed. The fleece bathrobes also have pockets and an adjustable belt for further comfort and convenience. Additionally, did we mention how soft they are?

Primo Bottom-Loading 2 Temp Water Dispenser

Fresh water must always be provided for your visitors. The quality of local tap water may not meet visitor expectations or taste preferences. Numerous hosts offer small water bottles. While this is a great touch, a spring-fed water dispenser can offer a more reliable and long-lasting alternative.

Without all the waste, the Primo Bottom-Loading, Hot and cold-water dispenser is more affordable and simpler to maintain. Your guests may quickly obtain hot beverages or cold refreshments thanks to the hot and cold alternatives. Giving your visitors access to clean water from a Primo water dispenser will soothe their concerns and allow them to fully appreciate your Airbnb.

Baratza Virtuoso Coffee Grinder

In the US, daily coffee consumption among adults is around 50% of the total. Because of this, some Airbnb properties could come equipped with a simple coffee maker and cups or mugs. But you want to offer more than just a typical Airbnb; you want to give your visitors a special and unforgettable experience.

To upgrade your Airbnb, think about getting an electric coffee grinder. Doesn’t freshly ground coffee usually taste better? Using an electric coffee grinder also enables you to impress your guests with your preferred (and preferably local!) coffee mix. An excellent electric coffee grinder is the Baratza Virtuoso Coffee Grinder. The aroma and flavor of freshly ground coffee will stay in your guests’ memories for a very long time.

Colorful Patio Chairs

When individuals go on vacation, they frequently move to a location with better weather or for a change of scenery. Colorful outdoor patio chairs can therefore make a significant difference. The pleasant weather and picturesque surroundings of your Airbnb will appeal to your guests.

When it comes to outdoor seating, don’t skimp! Your outdoor furniture is more likely to be used and enjoyed by visitors if it is welcoming and well-lit. The brand OC- Orange Casual offers vibrant wicker furniture at a reasonable price in the link above. Your visitors will be grateful!

Heatwave Radiant Infrared Sauna

With the Infrared 2-Person HEATWAVE Radiant Sauna, transform your Airbnb into a spa. Your visitors will like this perk because it truly embodies luxury! This infrared sauna may be a great investment for hosts and is sure to make your guests feel pampered. It is simple to install, run, and maintain.

If you include a sauna in your ad, it will be significantly more appealing to renters!

End Table with USB Port

Most people use their smartphones for virtually everything, as you are likely aware. Almost certainly, the majority of the time, reservations for your Airbnb are made via a smartphone. That is why you need to provide phone charging stations for your visitors.

The end table from Atlantic Furniture that is mentioned above has a USB port. A built-in USB port on this end table makes it simple for your guests to charge devices. The table is available in white and espresso and complements nearly any décor. The simplicity with which they may charge their phones and other gadgets will delight and astonish your visitors. They might even be writing your five-star rating with their phone connected into the end table!

When it comes to elevating your Airbnb, small improvements can make a big difference. These small details that indicate how much you care about your visitors’ experiences will be appreciated.

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